5 Ways to Craft with Wood Slices

I like to keep things cozy in the fall and winter, with warm plaids, soft textiles, and touches of rustic wood.  These tartan plaid pillows with wood slice buttons are the perfect example of how I try to transition to fall and winter rustic decor. Come to think of it, wood slices are the perfect material for crafts to decorate your home.  They are really versatile–I’ve found lots of ways to use them (see them here)!  Check out these other creative wood slice crafts I found on five other blogs.

1. Frame Them


An Ikea mirror gets an artistic, woodsy touch with wood slices cut from fallen branches at That’s My Letter.  An inexpensive and easy way to upcycle your yard trash and get a designer look!

2.  Embroider Them


While Wearing Heels came up with this darling wood craft that is perfect to use for Valentine’s Day, this year!  Click over there to view a full tutorial for embroidered wood slices.

3. Paint Them


I think these painted coasters at Brit + Co. are simply gorgeous.  I just love the ombre colors!  This looks like a quick and easy craft that anyone could do.

4.  Make Ornaments

Christmas will be here before you know it and these ornaments can be made to compliment your tree
them as well as make cute gifts or even gift tags. Find out how to make these at Inspire the Mom

5.  String Them

If you’ve followed me for awhile, you may know my love of string art! This is a fun combination of creating ornaments, also gifts, something that involves the kids, and string art! You can check out my other crafts here,  here, and here.
Learn how to make these from the Happy Brown House.

Materials Needed

To craft wood slices efficiently, you will need to prepare the following:

Wood Slices

The main ingredient, of course, is the wood slices themselves. Look for dried and seasoned slices with smooth surfaces and desirable grain patterns.

You can purchase pre-cut wood slices from a craft store or create your own by cutting fallen or salvaged tree trunks.


To ensure a smooth finish and remove any rough edges or imperfections, have various grits of sandpaper on hand.

Start with a coarse grit to shape the wood and remove any bark, then gradually move to finer grits for a polished result.

Paints and Brushes

If you plan on painting your wood slices, gather acrylic paints or wood stains in your desired colors. Additionally, have an assortment of paintbrushes for different techniques, such as fine detail work or broad strokes.

Embroidery Supplies

For embroidering wood slices, you’ll need embroidery floss or thread in various colors, embroidery needles, and an embroidery hoop to hold the fabric taut.

Clear Coat or Varnish

Consider using a clear coat or varnish to protect the wood and enhance its natural beauty. Choose a finish that suits your preference, such as matte, satin, or glossy.

Drill or Screwdriver

If you’re planning to create ornaments or wall hangings with wood slices, you may need a drill or screwdriver to make holes for hanging or attaching other elements.

Strings or Ribbons

For stringing wood slices together or adding a hanging element, gather strings, ribbons, or twine in various colors and thicknesses.

Decorative Elements

Depending on your project, you may want to include additional decorative elements such as buttons, beads, gemstones, or small figurines. These can be glued onto the wood slices to add extra flair.


What can I make with slices of wood?

Wood slices can be used for a variety of crafts and DIY projects. Some popular options include creating coasters, wall art, ornaments, jewelry, table centerpieces, and even natural-looking cake stands. The possibilities are endless!

How do you prepare wood slices for crafts?

To prepare wood slices for crafts, start by selecting dried and seasoned wood slices to prevent cracking. Sand the surfaces and edges to smooth them out and remove any rough patches. You may also want to seal the wood with a clear coat or varnish to protect it and enhance its natural beauty.

How do you make wooden tree slices?

To make wooden tree slices, you will need a fallen or cut tree trunk.

Use a chainsaw or a sharp saw to cut the trunk into slices of your desired thickness. Let the slices dry naturally or accelerate the process by using a kiln or drying agent. Once dried, you can sand and finish them as desired.

What do you call a slice of wood?

A slice of wood is commonly referred to as a wood slice or a wood round. It is a cross-sectional cut of a tree trunk or branch, typically used in crafting and decorative projects due to its natural and rustic appeal.

Craft Wood Slices the Right Way

Wood slices offer a delightful and versatile material for crafting, allowing you to infuse your home with rustic charm during the fall and winter seasons.

Whether you’re framing them to create a unique mirror, embroidering intricate designs on their surfaces, painting them with vibrant colors, making ornaments for your Christmas tree, or stringing them together for whimsical creations, the possibilities of how to craft wood slices are endless.

These wood slice crafts add warmth and character to your decor while providing opportunities for personalization and creativity. Embrace the cozy vibes of the seasons and let your imagination run wild as you explore the enchanting world of wood slice crafting.

So, what’s your favorite way to decorate for fall and winter?

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