5 Ways to craft with kids for thanksgiving

Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away?! Let’s look at 5 ways to craft with kids this Thanksgiving, shall we?

With all the busyness that the holiday seasons can bring, take some time this week to slow down, gather some art supplies, and get the kids involved with these fun and easy Thanksgiving crafts! From turkeys to pilgrims to Indian corn, these crafts are fun for the whole family!

Crafting for Thanksgiving

Oh, Thanksgiving, it’s such a warm and cozy time of year! The vibe is all about family, gratitude, and the beautiful colors of fall. The rich hues of orange, red, and brown create a comforting and inviting atmosphere, don’t they? And crafting with the kids during this season is a real treat.

We gather around the kitchen table, armed with colorful construction paper, markers, and glue, ready to create everything from cute turkey handprints to paper pumpkins and leaf garlands.

It’s not just about making decorations; it’s about making memories, too. Crafting together gives us a chance to share stories, laugh, and be thankful for the special moments we have as a family. It’s all about cherishing the little things and feeling the love in the air. 

5 Crafts to Make with Kids in Thanksgiving

1. Paper Fan Turkey


These cute paper fan turkeys are easy for kids to make and are a great addition to your Thanksgiving decor!

You could even write a name on the turkey body and use them as place cards for your Thanksgiving table.

2. Pony Bead Indian Corn


With some pipe cleaners and pony beads, you can make this fun and festive Indian corn! And there’s a tutorial for a pumpkin too!

3. Thanksgiving Paper Chain

Mary Leigh from Live Well Play Together takes the paper chain to the next level by giving it a focus on thankfulness.

What a great way to show how much you’re thankful for!

4. Washi Tape Pinecone Turkeys


Do you have a washi tape addiction like I do? These adorable pinecone turkeys are a great way to use some of your collection!

And they’d make great nameplates for your Thanksgiving table!

5. Paper Plate Pilgrims


Sneak in a history lesson while making these pilgrims from paper plates. With just a few simple supplies, you and your kids can pull these together in a flash!

Other Craft Ideas for Thanksgiving

Some of the most loved Thanksgiving crafts include:

Handprint and footprint turkeys:

These adorable crafts involve tracing a child’s handprint or footprint and turning it into a colorful turkey by adding feathers, a beak, and googly eyes.

Paper plate pilgrims and Native Americans:

Kids can make paper plate characters representing the Pilgrims and Native Americans, which are a fun way to teach about the history of the holiday.

Thanksgiving place cards:

Creating personalized place cards for the Thanksgiving table can be a delightful project. Kids can decorate them with fall leaves, acorns, and their names to add a personal touch to the dinner table.

Gratitude trees:

Craft a tree on a large piece of paper or cardboard and add paper leaves where family members can write down what they’re thankful for. It’s a great way to encourage gratitude during the holiday.

Turkey handprint aprons:

Transform a plain apron into a festive Thanksgiving apron by adding colorful turkey handprints all over it.

Pinecone and acorn decorations:

Collecting pinecones and acorns and turning them into decorations with paint, glitter, and ribbon can be a fun and nature-inspired craft.

Leaf garlands:

Gather colorful fall leaves and create a beautiful garland to decorate your home. Kids can help with the leaf collecting and stringing.

Cornucopia centerpieces:

Construct a miniature cornucopia using a paper horn, and fill it with artificial or real fruits and vegetables as a lovely centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

These crafts not only add a festive touch to your Thanksgiving celebration but also provide an excellent opportunity for kids and families to bond, be creative, and express their gratitude.

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