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Welcome to “5 Ways Saturdays.”   Today topic is crafting a countdown calendar.

I have had countdowns on the brain.   After seeing how my kids have adored their Dollar Store Advent Calendar and the Countdown to Kisses I have been looking for more ways to countdown numerous upcoming events and holidays.

Lindsey from Mom & Wife repurposed a shot glass shadowbox into a birthday countdown for her daughter.

birthday countdown

Brooke from Inchmark made this countdown calendar filled with photos for her grandma.   What a perfect gift for grandparents…what more do they want than pictures of their grandbabies?


Julie from Joy’s Hope guest posted here on IC and showed us how to make a “Days Until” sign.   I love how she was counting down the day to the Dave Matthews concert. 🙂

chalkboard countdown calendar

Mandy from Sugar Bee Craft Edition made this adorable Mickey Mouse garland to countdown…you guessed it…how many days until their Disney vacation.countdown to disney vacation

Countdown with a colorful Caterpillar made with strips of paper and some embellishments from Parents.com.

Vacation Countdown Caterpillar

Thanks for joining my “5 Ways Saturdays.”

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  1. I love the little chalkboard one. I could use it for everything and not just one holiday or birthday. Great idea!!

  2. Such cute ideas!! I love the one from Joy's Hope b/c you can use it for different occasions. The Mickey Mouse one is a great idea. If we can ever get a trip planned, I'd do that one for sure. Thanks for sharing, Beckie. 🙂

  3. I love all these ideas! They put my days until Christmas sign to shame.

    Love the Mickey one! So fun for the kids. And I may have to copy(and give proper credit for) the grandparents one. We didn't visit my parents this year at Christmas, so my kids won't see them until the summer. It'll be fun to send them one in the mail so both my parents and my kids can countdown to when they'll see each other again. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I adore the one from the old shot glass shadowbox!! I cannot stand my kids' advent calendars and have been looking for a new way to do it! I'm definitely on the look-out now for some of these "frames"! Thanks so much!

  5. love it!!! I will have to use some of these ideas during my husband's deployment – I will count down to his homecoming, as well as count down to sooner things to help pass the time. Thanks Beckie!

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