5 Ways to Clean Naturally

If you’re making an effort to lead a greener lifestyle, then you may be looking for ways to cut your use of chemicals and manufactured products in your home.   An easy way to do that is eliminating some of the household cleaners in your cabinets.  There are a number of formulas and recipes for effective, non-toxic cleaning products that you can make yourself.  By just spending a little extra time to whip up a batch of cleanser, you can save money–and the gas it would take to travel to the store.  I’ve found a variety of these DIY cleaners with natural ingredients to share with you today, check out these 5 Ways to Clean Naturally.

1.  Glass Cleaner, Laundry Soap, and More!

You’ll find a whole list of handy recipes for cleaning supplies at Blissfully Content.  The one I really want to try is the Mrs. Meyers Lemon Verbena “copycat” counter spray.  Love that scent!

2.  DIY Goo Remover

Since I’m always having to scrape the little price tag stickers off of my thrift store and garage sale finds, this is one I’m really excited about.  All the benefits of Goo Gone, without the long list of cautions, this homemade wonder comes from Rosy Blu Homemade.  And only two ingredients!

3.  Fruit and Vegetable Wash

This DIY version of a fairly expensive store product comes from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs.    What a great mixture to have on hand so you can enjoy summer’s delicious produce.

4.  Room Deodorizer

At One More Moore, you can learn the easy way to make your house smell just like a Williams Sonoma store.  This simple 3 ingredient room deodorizer looks as pretty as it smells.

5.  Citrus Enzyme Cleaner

This one isn’t the quickest DIY household cleaner, but it has rave reviews about it’s effectiveness.  You can get the step-by-step tutorial for this environmentally friendly enzyme at One Good Thing.

Okay, I want to hear back from you if you try any of these homemade cleaners–or if you have your own version.  I’m really curious about their effectiveness, and I’d love to learn about other natrually clean recipes, too.
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