The Law of Attraction stipulates that you can manifest good things in your life by focusing on the positive; the 369 and 555 methods are techniques that guide you to achieve this. But what are the differences, and which is the best method for you?

The 369 method requires you to write down your aspirations and affirmations three times in the morning, six times mid-day, and nine times at night. The 555 method requires writing down your aspirations 55 times, once a day, over five days. Both suggest successful manifestation if done correctly.

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Are these manifestation methods any good when changing your life circumstances? And which one should you focus on to get the best things out of your life?

369 Method vs. 555 Method: What’s The Difference?

Everyone desires a life that is meaningful and pleasant, and while that means different things to different people, the philosophy of being able to manifest your dreams and wishes is called the Law of Attraction.

The 369 and 555 methods ascribe to the belief that what you focus on, what you put your energy into, and what vibrations you put into the Universe will draw good things to you.

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So what’s the difference? While one requires a long-term investment into writing down and envisioning your goals, the other sees you jotting down the positive affirmations you want to manifest over five days. 

To compare the 369 method to the 555 method, it’s worth understanding what each one stands for and in what ways they are different. 

What Is The 369 Method?

The 369 method for manifestation hinges on writing down the things you’d like to manifest at specific points in the day. Each number here represents how many times you need to write it down, and this is spread across the three time periods that make up one day: morning, afternoon, and evening. 

As with many trends these days, the 369 method rose to popularity on TikTok, with over 165 million combined views. Thousands of people claim that this method has successfully brought them wealth, health, prosperity – and romantic partners.

It is said that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 are potent digits, the basic premise is to use these numbers to manifest what we desire.


The Law of Attraction suggests that the things we give attention to are what we attract, so in theory, we can manifest the things in our lives by giving enough attention.

In that vein, writing down the things you want to bring into being three times when you wake up, six times towards the afternoon, and nine times before heading to bed should trigger a manifestation of your desires.

What Is The 555 Method?

The 555 method is also known as the 5 x 55 method, and like the 369, it also uses the premise that you can attract the things you truly desire.

To draw or manifest your heart’s desires, you need to think positively and focus on the things you specifically want to achieve so that the Universe will bring you these things. 

It is suggested that you write down the things you want to achieve – the things you would like to manifest – 55 times daily for five consecutive days. 

Here are Some Success stories using the 555 method.

Comparison Between the 369 and 555 Methods

While these methods aren’t the same, there are many similarities, and understanding these can help you to decide which method you want to use.

Let’s break down what the similarities are:

  • Both are based on the Law of Attraction: This philosophy suggests that we attract the things we put energy into – or, in this case, time and thought. By focusing your thoughts, emotion, and emotions on what you want, you can theoretically manifest those things to become a reality.
  • Both use significant numeric guidelines: Based on significant numbers, both methods rest on the belief that there is power from repeating things a certain number of times.

For the 369 method, the numbers have significance in that ‘3’ is said to be signs of being connected to the source of our creative selves – the Universe itself; ‘6’ represents harmony and inner strength, while ‘9’ pertains to letting go of what doesn’t serve us and a metamorphosis of what we want to be. 

The 555 method rests on the significance of the number 5 in numerology, representing change, expansion, and transformation. 

  • Both methods depend on your consistency and commitment to the process. If you don’t follow the techniques and fully commit your thoughts to the process, your manifestation will not succeed. 
  • The 369 method requires you to take time out of the day three times to write down the affirmations you want to manifest. It doesn’t stipulate how many days this needs to happen, but the idea is that it will bring you to the point of repeated focus on these things. By contrast, the 555 method requires you to write down your desires for five days in a row, not indefinitely. 

Which Method Is Right For You?

Trying to decide which method is suitable for you can be challenging, but in theory, both ways should be effective in helping you manifest your desires.

While some uphold that the Law of Attraction is pseudoscience, and cite that there is no real evidence to suggest that it works, the hundreds of thousands of followers of the practice vehemently disagree.

To that end, any manifestation method you choose to dedicate your time to should improve your state of mind, help you focus on the positive, and inspire you to take action to move towards the things you want to achieve. That in itself is a win.

Considering that both the 369 method and the 555 method require input from you, perhaps one of the easiest ways of deciding which is right for you is to look at how much time you have available to put into this.

Consider your Available Time

While the 369 method requires that you stop what you’re doing three times a day, it takes only a few minutes to jot down your affirmations and aspirations three, six, and nine times.

One of the drawbacks of the 369 method is that it requires daily commitment in the long term.

By contrast, the 555 method requires a more significant chunk of time set out every day in one go – writing down your dreams and visions 55 times can take quite a bit of time.

But, on the plus side, this method requires that you only follow this practice for five days at a time.

Choosing which of these two methods fits your schedule is a good step toward deciding which method to try on your manifestation journey.

If you still find none of these two methods is suitable for you schedule, check out the 333 method comparison too.

Tips For Manifestation Success

Regardless of the method used, certain things apply across the spectrum of manifestation techniques that will enhance your chances of success.

Here are some broad guidelines for harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction:

  • Realize that you aren’t where you want to be, and take the time to think about what you truly want from your life. Accepting that we cannot rely on luck or sit back and expect good things to fall into our laps – achieving success takes effort and intentional action.
  • Combine your aspirations with affirmations: These methods are not just about asking the Universe for good things but about changing your mindset about your ability to change your circumstances.
  • Start with positive affirmations about your abilities, gifts, and state of being. Manifesting confidence in yourself is the first step to manifesting your heart’s desires. 
  • Take the time to visualize your future and the things you want. You should be able to see yourself achieving your goals realistically and in a reasonable time frame. Wanting a promotion within a day or two is not something you can wish into being. However, seeing yourself growing, maturing, and up-skilling in a way that sees you promoted within six months is. 
  • Think strategy – and then make a move. The Law of Attraction isn’t magic, or a potion that you take that fixes all your problems. It’s not enough to write down your aspirations and then sit back and wait – you need to put in the work that sees it come to fruition. 

So, while writing down your affirmations and dreams, put the plans into action to help you move towards that.

Whether that includes taking a course, finding a job, changing your lifestyle, or cutting out toxic relationships, you need to take those steps.  


To use methods like the 369 or 555 method for manifestation, your belief in the Law of Attraction is essential – it sees you achieving the goals you want to accomplish by putting the work in and putting out the right energy.

Changing your habits to align with what you want to achieve and focusing on manifesting them, regardless of how many times a day, will see you meet your aspirations.   

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