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As a home craft blogger you would think it would be easy to sit down with my kids and craft.  However, I am terrible at it beyond crayons and paper.  So when the Kiwi Crate came to our house you can imagine how excited my kids were to craft with mommy.  I need to remember how much they love to do projects with me.

Kiwi Crate is a craft for kids membership kit for ages 3-7 that comes delivered to your door each month.  No shopping, no collecting supplies, no wait! Inside is all the stuff you need to make a few craft projects for the month.  We got to test the wind power box creating a windsock and a wind-powered car.


My kids favorite part of making the windsocks was using the oil pastel crayons.  They thought it was awesome that they could write on anything.  I hadn’t used pastels in decades and they were fun for mom too.



It also included a chart to jot down wind conditions.  Unfortunately my kids weren’t interested in the science of it all…just the making part.

Next up was by far their favorite.  They made wind cars decorating them with stickers.


Although more powered by the push of the children than by the wind, it kept them entertained for an hour racing.


Want to cry Kiwi Crate for your kids?  You can receive your first Kiwi Crate for 25% off using the code “IC25” and also free shipping.  So that is only $15!

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Disclosure: This was a compensated post from Kiwi Crate.

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  1. I’ve been looking at Kiwi Crate for my 2 youngest grandsons. Did you get the sibling add-on or was this 1 kit that both of your little ones used

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