Archives for January 2010

The Evolution of Kitchen

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we started laying laminate flooring in our kitchen.  Can I tell you how much I double loves my new flooring?  It transformed my kitchen.  Come on the adventure with me of the evolution of my kitchen… We moved into our house December of 2007 with our kitchen {…Read More…}

Paper Mache Earrings

It is no secret I have a deep affection for paper jewelry.  It is evident by my posts and my sponsors… &nbsp Here is a twist on paper beads.  They are paper mache beads… They kind of look like hunks of turqouise don’t they?  Fun, Fun and cheap, cheap! Supplies: Newspaper Boiling Water Small Saucepan {…Read More…}

A Little Bit of Candy

Last time I went to visit my dad in Milford, Michigan I went window shopping.  Milford has such a quaint little downtown area.  My absolute favorite store there is called Your Nesting Place.  They have unique furniture, bright colors, and different patterns mixed together.   The furniture there is absolutely drooling worthy. Here’s a little candy {…Read More…}

Happy 1st Birthday Kayla

I can’t believe my little girl is one.  We had a great first birthday party for Kayla on Friday with our family.  I already told you about her adorable outfit made by Texas Monkey Boutique here.  I hope you checked out her site and her UH-MAZING prices and ordered a Valentine poof for a little {…Read More…}