Archives for June 2008

Green Thumb

Well it is official! I have a green thumb!!!! This is the very first harvesting of a vegetable that I have grown in my entire life. I am a true gardener now. Look at my pretty green leaf lettuce!!! I took great care of her and washed each one of her little leaves individually… and {…Read More…}

Summer Solstice

Happy First Day of Summer Ya’ll. In honor of this most festive occasion I thought I would share with you my favorite comic of all time. I have actually had this for at least 12 years. It cracks me up everytime. All women out there can I get a “Amen!.”…

Spray Painted Furniture

I saw a lady in our neighborhood having a garage sale. She was just about to close up shop when I spotted a desk just like I have been looking for. It was in great condition and I asked her how much she wanted for it. “$5, she says.” FIVE BUCKS…wahoooooo! I was looking at {…Read More…}

Wordless Wednesday