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Shrinky Dinky Tutorial

No this is not a post about being green. But it is about reusing something you would normally throw away. I heard somewhere that a #6 plastic container can be used like shrinky dinks. So I put it to the test. And guess what? IT TOTALLY WORKS! So all you moms out there, here is {…Read More…}

Made My Day!

We had our life group over for Easter. And yes I made another meal besides the one I just posted. . . Johnny Carino’s Bowtie Festival. Another scrum-diddly-umptious recipe I found online. But that isn’t what made my day. We were hanging out (children included) when a conversation went something like this: Ariana (1st grader) {…Read More…}

Easter Menu

Happy belated Easter to everyone. We had a busy day yesterday so I did not get a chance to post. My dad came over from Ohio for the weekend. We had a nice time and I made a small Easter meal for the four of us. I thought I would share the recipes because everything {…Read More…}

That Darn Sunshine!

So I invited Sunshine over for lunch today. She has been co-leading our bible study with me. We just finished “When Godly People Do Ungodly Things,” by Beth Moore. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! I have done about 7 of her studies and I think this is my favorite. Anyway back to Sunshine. So we decided to {…Read More…}