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It’s Been 6 Months

Well we have officially been in Indy for 6 months (I can officially call it Indy because I am now a Hoosier). Since making the transition from our old role at SV to a new role at ECG it has definitely been harder to connect and build relationships. I think the main reason is at {…Read More…}

Painting Vertical Stripes

I was in a decorating dilemma. Number 1: What color do I paint the walls in my playroom when everything in the room is primary colors? Red? No, Dark Blue? Uh-uh, Green? Too Much, Yellow? Scary. Number 2: This is the first room you see when you walk in the house, how do I make {…Read More…}

A Doe a Deer, A Female Deer

So my husband went hunting this past weekend as I said in my previous post. A guy at our church took Tim a couple of months ago and Tim was so close to getting a deer then. But close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, right? So this weekend was called the “thinning the {…Read More…}

Meeting a Fellow Blogger

Well some of you probably think I am crazy but I met a blogbuddy today. And I survived. And guess what? She wasn’t even weird. Thimbleanna came all the way from Ft. Wayne (2 hours away) to come play today. I taught her how to make soldered pendants. I must say I have taught a {…Read More…}