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Soldered Art Pendants

So I am trying to perfect my technique of soldering. I used a cheap Wal-mart soldering gun in the past and it has taken me forever to complete them because the gun doesn’t get hot enough. So I broke the bank and bought myself a Weller 100 watt gun. It is a lot nicer. I {…Read More…}

My Little Froggie

Isaac is going to be a froggie for Halloween. Our church had their annual Trunk N Treat event so we got dressed up and headed out into our backyard. It was so fun. A bunch of people from the church decorate their trunks and hand out candy to the kids. So you just go from {…Read More…}

Happy 30th Birthday Tim!

So I turned 30 back in August and was having a hard time with it. So Tim and I decided to trade birthdays this year so I would have a few extra months to be 29. Wasn’t that nice of him? Well I offically turned 30 yesterday. Yuck! We went to Bynum’s Steakhouse in Indianapolis. {…Read More…}

Dipey Wipey Case Tutorial

Supplies: Travel Size Diaper Case (I used Huggies) 1/4″ foam Fabric Embroidery Scissors Hot glue gun 1/2″ decorative trim 1/2″ ribbon (optional) 1/2″ ribbon charm (optional) IMPORTANT: Try not to manipulate the case too much or glue the fabric too tight or it won’t have a tight seal. 1. Trace around the top and bottom {…Read More…}