arrow contest

Arrow Fastener is running a contest to give one lucky winner a chance at a $10,000 dream room makeover.  Not only will Leslie Segrete from The Money Pit design it but Arrow Fasteners will build it.  What room in your house would you makeover?

arrow contest

Believe it or not I am pretty happy with most of the rooms in my house.  The only room I cannot seem to enjoy to its fullest is my studio.  Since I am a creative person who spends hours in my studio sewing, crafting, painting you would think this would be my favorite space in my house.


Unfortunately it isn’t a huge room and it is packed to gills with stuff.  It is impossible to keep clean and it is a constant challenge on how to keep in functional.  I would love a room that not only contained all the necessary organization to make it functional but a space that would encourage me to create.  So my $10,000 dream makeover would be a dream studio with an amazing closet that would store all of my supplies.




Do you have a room that needs a makeover?  We all do! All you have to do is Like Arrow Fasteners on Facebook and click here to enter the contest. 

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