Wordless Wednesday: Pool Edition

  • wedogmomma

    Ohm nom nom nom…
    she looks So yummy!

    I put a picture like this of our daughter…..in Black and white and stuck it on a black t-shirt for her daddy…..he STILL wears it and she's 2 now :D
    YAY for rolls!

  • Mom Taxi Julie

    OH my gosh so stinking cute lol

  • Simply Susan

    If only my pudginess looked *THAT* cute in a two piece, LOL! ;o)

  • Vivienne

    OMGosh I look just like that in my bikini!!!
    She is ADORABLE!!!

  • MiMi

    She is squeezalicious! If that's a word. So cute!

  • Lynsey

    That is just priceless! Too cute!

  • So Bella

    Awwww! I LOVE those rolls! She is so cute! Gosh, I miss those days…

    She looks so "cool" in her shades :)

    Such a gorgeous photo of you too!

  • Eryn

    Really, Beckie, don't you feed her? Her legs look awfully slim…:)

  • Chiloe

    I love the baby bikini : every girl needs to cover her boobs !!! lol She's too precious!!! Baby girls are so much fun.

  • Mom

    OMG! Is she adorable! LOL
    That kid is my precious little angel.

    So glad we are coming up soon! I need a dose of my babies. All of you!


  • Mabry’s gamma

    Those pictures are just too CUTE!

  • Richella

    This is priceless. How cute can you get?

  • Lindy

    Precious! You could just eat her up!

  • knittingknirvana

    Oh my goodness!!! She is adorable!!! I just love that belly!!! :)

  • Lee Ann

    Oh my goodness! Whata cutie! LOVE the hat!

  • Julie

    oh my word, she is cute! i can't wait to get kaitlyn in her first bikini this summer.

  • CaLLie.ANN

    Like mother, like daughter.

  • CaLLie.ANN

    …not because of the rolls, but because of the sunglasses and chic style. (Wanted to clarify) :)

  • The Harris Family

    She is so adorable!

  • Dee

    simply ADORABLE!

  • momma-o-minnie

    As the mother of 20 children, I can say without a doubt (wink, wink) that this child is obviously starving (yet many more winks) and may have failure to survive and an attachment syndrome (obvious from the sunglasses she uses to avoid looking at the person snapping pictures of her!….:-) Perhaps you need a profession parent (I wouldn't presume to volunteer) to help take care of this obviously malnurished (yet more winks) child!

  • Mom in High Heels

    OMG! She is so adorable. I like that she's already working on her bikini body. You look great too!

  • Sarah

    Baby rolls and belly buttons -LOVE IT!

  • Amy Jo

    Are you kidding me??? That's itty bitty baby Kayla??? LOVE IT!

  • Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick

    You are kidding me with this!! What a bunch of chunky monkey goodness!!! Love her!!

  • amber

    How cute is she???? Too much cuteness!

  • Shannon – Creative Party Girl

    oh she is sooooooooooo stinkin cute!!!

  • Carmel

    I am a little late seeing this… hmmm could it be the newest addition to our family has to eat every 2 1/2 hrs? Hmmm?? : )

    But I have to say, she is the cutest chunky monkey I've seen in a while! : ) Oh, I do mean Kayla of course… : ) Just to make sure there's no confusion…

  • frillsfluffandtrucks

    Oh.my.word. The cuteness overwhelms me! I'm such a softie for a chubby baby!

    ~ Sarah

  • Aimee

    Oh my goodness, there just are no words to describe that cute baby! Those pictures made my day! :)

  • Gale

    Your baby is absolutely adorable. My daughter (now 32) looked just like that..we called her miniMichilin because she looked like the Michilin Tire man with her cute "rolls". Love every minute of this time with them because they grow so fast…..