Wine Gift Bag

So I am no wine connoisseur.  In fact I haven’t found a wine I like.  But maybe my taste buds will develop beyond a 5-year old one day and I won’t be so picky and I might enjoy a glass.  However, I have friends and family who love going to wine tastings and trying different kinds of wine.  To them it is a hobby. So today I made a glittered double wine gift bag perfect for giving to a wine-loving individual on your Christmas list.




Canvas Tote (I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $1.50 on sale, regular price $2.99

Sewing Machine and thread

Tulip Shimmer Sheets



Silhouette Cameo machine

Wine Words File

I was perusing my latest Uncommon Goods catalog and came upon these double wine totes for $22.  Knowing how inexpensive canvas totes are I knew this would be a great way to present wine. I used the Tulip Shimmer Sheets and my Cameo machine to cut out the glittered wine bottle shapes and then ironed them onto the double tote.


1. First I measured the middle of my canvas bag and sewed a line down the middle of it (see photo below) ending right before where the bottom lies flat.


2. I designed wine bottles with “wine words” in them in my Silhouette studio program (font: Accord SF).


3.  Then I took a Tulip Shimmer Sheet and burnished it to the Silhouette carrier sheet.  I changed my setting to a speed of 6, thickness to 33 and a blade depth to 7 with a double cut.  My Silhouette machine cut this like butter.  Here is where I say you may want to check with your warranty to make sure that cutting these sheets does not void anything important.

4.  I peeled the letters and excess Tulip Shimmer Sheet away and was left with my sparkly wine bottle image.  I cut out “Chablis, Riesling, Merlot and Moscato but you could use any words you want.  I cut two bottles onto one of the glittered sheets.wine_bottle_silhouettes

Random Side Note: I left the glittered letters I peeled off in a pile and my craft-loving daughter took them without me knowing and started gluing them onto a sheet of paper.  Love that girl!


5.  I set the cut out shimmer sheet onto the front of my canvas tote and put a press cloth over the top and ironed it for 40 seconds.  Then I ironed on the little pieces like the middle of the o’s, a’s and b’s.  I ironed on 4 total wine bottles, 2 on the front and 2 on the back.


6.  Add two bottles of wine and you have a great gift for the wine connoisseur on your list.

Tip: This would make a great wedding gift, instead of wine names you can put the couple’s name on it.




Do you love a little bling?  Look at these Christmas Glitter Pillows I made last year from the Tulip Glitter Sheets.


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  • danielle

    i love this. simple and great looking. makes me want to run out and buy a Silhouette!


  • danielle

    I love this…and I love wine too! Now I just need to learn to sew.

  • nancy

    You should try Oak Leaf wine. From Walmart. $2.89 bottle approximately. Honestly, the cabernet is very good.

  • Karen

    I wasn’t a wine drinker, either. Then I discover Riesling. My fave one is in a bright blue bottle and the name is flat escaping right now. I like Moscato’s also, but it was a taste I developed. But the Riesling I could drink all day long!

    • Jill

      I bet you are thinking of “Relax” :)

  • Doreen

    Hi Beckie
    I absolutely adore these wine bags! So clever and beautiful!

    • Beckie

      Doreen Thank you!

  • Debbie refreshrestyle

    Great gift idea!

  • Tamara

    These are adorable! My girlfriends and I have a small obsession with Moscato (D’asti Il Conte) and we are always bringing some to our girl nights. This would be a great way to carry two bottles without them clanking together!



  • katie

    LOVE this double wine bag. Oh man… I can see me making a few of these in the near future!!!

  • Lucy

    I LOVE this wine bag idea. How easy and creative. Thanks for sharing. I embroider so this looks like a great idea for me too. Please come check out my embroidered wine bag at:

  • Morena

    I love this idea…perfect for carrying champagne to new year’s parties. Your daughter is too cute!

  • mairin

    FYI I’m making one of these right now (with a red wine bottle that says “Mommy” and a silver baby bottle that says “Baby”) and the thickness was way too thick for me, almost cut all the way through my cutting mat – so test it first!!!

    • mairin

      and by thickness I mean the blade depth setting (sorry!)

    • Beckie

      Good call. My blade might be a little dull. That sounds adorable! I would love to see a pic!

      • mairin

        Just posted a photo to the Infarrantly Creative facebook page!

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  • Holly

    I usually don’t like wine bottle covers/bags, but the double tote makes it a more modern, fresh idea. Thanks for the tutorial!

    • Beckie

      I am with you Holly. I loved this updated modern twist on it.

  • Sue H

    Ok, so I’m kinda new to the silhouette and been trying things out. I LOVE this wine bag you made. Can you give more details on how you created the wine bottles with the wording on them in the silhouette program? Thanks.

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