Windproof Picnic Quilt

Raise your hand if while on your summer picnics you put pairs of shoes on the corners of the blanket to keep it from blowing away?   Yep, you do it too, huh?   Well here is a simple idea using grommets and golf tees to keep your blanket in place.   No more wind blown picnic blankets.   This idea will be sure to keep your blanket on the ground where in belong.

picnic quilt


grommet plier kit

golf tees

old quilt or blanket

small zippered bag

O-ring that pulls apart

1. If you purchase the Grommet Plier Kit #1P from Dritz it comes with four 3/8” grommets in the package so you don’t have to purchase anything else.   It retails for $29.99 at Joann Fabrics but I purchased it half off (of course).   grommet plier kit

2. Find an old quilt or thin blanket.   I prefer a quilt because it is cotton and cool against the skin during hot summer days.   I had an old king size quilt that was on our master bed about 8 years ago.   Shabby Chic floral was in back then, I promise.

outdoor quilted blanket

3.   The back of the grommet kit gives perfect instructions on how to attach the grommets.   Attach the grommets on all four corners.

Front side of grommet

picnic quilt

Back side of pressed grommet

picnic quilt

4.   Lay out your blanket and grab four golf tees.   The grommet holes are the perfect size to hold the golf tees in place.   Push the tees through the grommet holes and into the ground.

picnic quilt

Now your blanket won’t blow all over the place while you create fun summer picnic memories with your kids.   I also attached a small mesh bag with an O-ring onto one of the corners to store the tees in when not in use.

picnic quilt

Happy Picnicking to your family this summer.

picnic quilt

This post was originally posted in Positively Splendid’s Summer Survival Guide series.   Go check out all the other wonderful ideas.

Positively Splendid

  • Kelli

    Great idea! I will definitely have to include grommets when I finish up the new picnic/beach quilt I’ve got rolling around in my mind. And yes, we do put shoes on each corner… This will be much better! ;)

  • Leanne

    Wonderful idea and one I’m going to do this year. I am guilty of finding anything in the car, picnic basket or anywhere else to hold the blanket down. Thanks for sharing this great idea.

  • Cassie

    This is a great idea. Can’t wait to try it before our next outing.

  • Mindy

    cool cotton blankie sounds great for picnics. the flannel I’ve been using was not pleasant in yesterday’s 90 degree heat. haha

  • Christa

    I LOVE that beautiful blanket…those shabby chic blankets are just perfect for kicking around the house with or enjoying a yummy family picnic on. :)

  • Chiloe

    Wow! What a great idea !!! I still like shabby chic : does it make me an old thing ??? :)

  • Kari

    CLEVER! I love this idea!

  • RadiomomRhetoric

    This is such an AWESOME IDEA!!!! Thanks for sharing it!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Loved the “extra tip” on how to store the tees! How ingenious. Thanks!

  • Jen

    Aren’t grommets the best, lol! Love that quilt!!

  • Julie {Angry Julie Monday}

    You are too smart. This is amazing.

  • Vivienne @ The V Spot

    Brilliant! we have a big beach towel that we purchased with the grommets already in it, but the stakes that came with it are long gone. It did not occur to me to try to DIY one! (And yes, I can back you on the shabby chic floral thing being “in” a while back…) ;)

  • Amanda @ Serenity Now

    What a smart idea!! Love that you added a little baggie for the tees too. That’s great!!

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  • Wendy from Wendys Hat

    This is genius! I love it! I am sharing your link here to my FB page.

    • Beckie

      Awww thanks so much for the shout out Wendy. That means the world to me.

  • Jenn @ Frugal Upstate

    This. Is. Brilliant.

    • Beckie

      Thank you so very much. We have used it a ton already.

  • adrienne

    Tees are so much safer around kids than traditional metal stakes. What a great idea!

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  • Crystal

    Thanks for sharing! Linking back to my Friday Faves!!

  • Erika

    I found this through Pinterest. Love it. Just made picnic blankets for Xmas presents and just had to do the grommet thing. One thing though. Where did you find the little mesh bag? I have been searching EVERYWHERE i go and can’t find one anywhere. Thanks!!!

    • Beckie

      Sorry I had the bag in my stash! That doesn’t help I know.

  • Chris

    Great idea and I would have never thought to use golf tees to hold it to the ground!! Wonderful!

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  • Allyson

    Great idea! And funny enough, I have that same exact quilt! It was given to me as a baby shower gift from my aunt when I was pregnant with my first son…. don’t ask…. LOL!

    • Beckie

      Mine is an even funnier story. My mom has this rich best friend. While I was visiting her she had all this stuff in her garage with tags on that she never wore. She said i could take what I wanted. So I took all the tagged stuff and returned it and got a big credit to TJ MAx and purchased the quilt for my bed. HA!

  • Karen Dries

    If you search at garage sales,yard sales, you can probably find a grommet tool for cheap and maybe some mesh for a bag

  • Tricia

    If you find yourself in a very windy spot where golf tee’s might not cut it consider small tent stakes too. :)

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