Well We’re In!

So Tim and I decided to move yesterday. We were going to move today but it was suppose to snow (and it did). So we basically have 90% of what was in the parsonage in our new place but we still have to get all the stuff from the garage over here. I painted the family room but haven’t finished the kitchen (they flow into each toher). I had a hard time sleeping last night. We went to bed at 10:30 and I fell asleep way after 2:30. It could be because Tim was sick and snoring but I have gotten insomnia everytime I have moved in the last 5 years. It is really annoying and lasts around 2 months. So hopeully it was just the snoring.

Today I unpacked mostly everything except my studio. I am going to redo the shelving in the closet so that there are shelves on all three sides from ceiling to floor. The room is only a 10 x 9 so I need to make sure I have a lot of shelving with plenty of organization. I am so excited to get it all finished and actually have all my supplies out of hiding. Wahoo!

I hate moving but I love getting a new house and everything is organized and in its place for about 3 months. I will post some pics of the new digs once I get some decor going.

  • Lee Ann

    Yippee! I can’t wait to see. How in the world did you get all that done? Unpacked even? You can move at lightening speed.

  • Eryn

    Yay! How fun to be in your new (and adorable…at least from the outside) place by Christmas!

    Seriously, you saw the pics of our place on my blog….for $230K!! Are they hiring teachers in Indiana? JK. We could never leave our family, but the prices are tempting!! Your home is beautiful!!

  • Shannon

    CONGRATS!!! Hope you sleep better soon!

  • Lula

    I love the “organized and everything’s in its place for about 3 months” comment. That is SO me. I am super-organized–containers, baskets, storage units, etc.–and it all looks way awesome for about 2 or 3 months. Then it’s a mess again ’til I get organized once more. One of my favorite places is The Container Store. I could spend hours in there…but if I did, my house wouldn’t get organized. HA!

  • lula

    Go read the e-mail I just sent you about the crock-pot candy. I gave a personal thriftiness shout-out to you, my love!!!!

  • One-

    Man, moving, right before Christmas! Are ya crazy- ha ha! Congratulations, and have a wonderful Christmas.

  • Eryn

    It’s been a week with no Beckie! I’m sure you’re busy settling in, but I miss your blogs!