Too Cuties

The sun is shining, the wind is blowing and we are enjoying the BEEEEEAUTFUL Indiana weather today. I haven’t posted pictures of the kids in a while and the grandmas are complaining.

  • Brandy

    Oh my!!! They are getting so big. Kayla is awfully cut in that little hat.

    thanks for posting pics of the babies.

    Brandy :)

  • Tamara

    Very cute – glad you could oblige the grandparents (and the rest of your bloggie followers)! Cute hat and love the “sweet cheeks” pose.

  • Brandy

    obviously I meant she is CUTE. :)

  • everydayeclecticism

    What cute children you have!

    Angie S.

  • Missie Krissie

    Wow cute littlies! Love the little hat Kayla is wearing :)

  • MiMi

    Oh wow, your little ones are gorgeous! I guess I didn’t realize how itty bitty they are! Mine are 5 and 3, I think we must be close to the same age…
    Macey : )

  • Fresh Poppy Sisters

    so cute!

  • Beau-Nonni

    Ok Ok……..those two babies have got to be the sweetest, most darling, wonderful, yummy-licious kids in the whole wide world!!

    I’m so lucky to be their gramma! (sigh) :)


  • Stephanie

    What cuties!

  • Lee Ann

    So, so cute! Love the hat!

  • Jen r.

    Very cute!

  • Jenny

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  • Anonymous

    I want a hat like that for Morgen!

  • momma-o-minnie

    How’s the hand?

  • Angela

    Very sweet! Wow, Kayla has gotten all big on us :).

    FYI…I updated my blog with my bookshelf redo.

  • Lindsay

    where in the world did you get that hat?!?! I want one for my (future) baby girl!

  • Shannon

    oh goodness…that FACE! they are definitely BOTH total cuties!

  • Laurie

    Cute! cute!:)

  • Amy Jo

    Love that hat and those cheeks (on them both!)

  • Carrie

    Oh the knitted hat!!!! And with a flower! (My favorite!)

    Cute, cute kiddos!

  • Beck

    I remember those days!!! That hats. The flowers. The finger in the ear (sometimes in the nose)…..*sigh*…..Those were the days. They have been replaced with basball hats and cheerleading ponytails…..*sigh*…..Oh, the days yet to come. B:)

  • Kelli

    Simply gorgeous!!!

  • Shannon

    Ok Beckie they are precious and all but I need more of the story!!!

  • Clean and Classic Interiors

    Oh my goodness that precious little hat and flower! What a handsome little boy and a beauty! I am enjoying your novel – it’s like my own little book I read daily!

  • Amber

    Precious, precious! That hat is adorable. We've been out of town, so I haven't had a chance to catch up on all of your Real & Raw posts, but I'm looking forward to reading them soon.