Tic Tac Holder Tutorial

I am so spoiled to have a dad who has worked 35 years for a company who is a middleman to convenient stores and gas stations. What does that mean? I always had my fair share of candy growing up. It was always so fun because my dad would always bring home the latest and greatest new candy on the market. I would bring it to school before anyone had ever heard of it. Good times. Well lookie what my dad gave me this week…

So I blurfed (blog-surfed) and found this on Rochelle’s blog. To give credit where credit is due I have say: Rochelle got it from JoAnna who got it from Amy G (thebassicscrapper) who got it from Angie Kennedy Juda. However they all used the big tic-tacs. My dad gave me the small ones. So I hope I am not stepping on anyone’s toes but I did not see a tutorial for the small-sized ones so I worked it over a few times to get the dimensions right and I thought I would post it. THIS IS NOT MY ORIGINAL IDEA THOUGH — just to clear that up.

2 coordinating cardstock
Ribbon to match
Adhesive tape
Paper cuter
Paper scorer
1” hole punch
Stamping ink pad

1. First cut a piece of cardstock 3 15/16” x 3”.

2. Score on both sides of the longer side at 2 2/8”. Crease along the score lines.

3. Cut the second piece of coordinating cardstock 2 and 13/16” x 1 ½” and round the longer sided corners.

4. Put a small piece of adhesive on the front cover and cut a piece of ribbon about 13″ long. Place the ribbon over the adhesive to hold in place. Note: Do not put adhesive on the backside of the holder.

5. Then put adhesive on the coordinating cardstock and glue in place.

6. Then punch a hole out with a 1” hole punch. I then inked up a “thank you” stamp and stamped my sentiment.

7. Using the adhesive tape on the back of the tics tacs, attach it to the inside of the holder.

8. Tie a ribbon and you are done.

I love to have little gifty things like this around to say thank you for babysitting, or inviting me over to your house, or hosting a party, or whatever.

  • Jennifer P.

    Your friends are so lucky! I think these kinds of gifts are the best! Not expensive, but totally thoughtful. I would for sure feel sufficiently thanked if I got one of these!

  • Mom

    Very cute, honey. But—–

    Are you sure the message here isn’t “You totally need one of these? Take 2…they’re small”…? THANK YOU

    I’m just saying…….(lol)

  • Lee Ann

    Your mom cracks me up!

    I agree with Jennifer P. So thoughtful.

  • Eryn

    Those are so cool! I love them…wouldn’t that even be a cute wedding favor with the white tic tacs? so cute!

  • Lindsay

    I was thinking the same thing as Eryn, it would make a cute wedding favor…sheesh why didn’t you show me this last month?!?!

  • Shannon

    ooohh, I like, I like!!
    Very cute favor idea! baby shower, wedding shower, wedding, whatever! Cute!

  • VIP Cards

    You are so lucky to get such a nice gifts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Hopefully you will add more post like this.

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