Tic Tac Holder Tutorial

I am so spoiled to have a dad who has worked 35 years for a company who is a middleman to convenient stores and gas stations. What does that mean? I always had my fair share of candy growing up. It was always so fun because my dad would always bring home the latest and greatest new candy on the market. I would bring it to school before anyone had ever heard of it. Good times. Well lookie what my dad gave me this week…

So I blurfed (blog-surfed) and found this on Rochelle’s blog. To give credit where credit is due I have say: Rochelle got it from JoAnna who got it from Amy G (thebassicscrapper) who got it from Angie Kennedy Juda. However they all used the big tic-tacs. My dad gave me the small ones. So I hope I am not stepping on anyone’s toes but I did not see a tutorial for the small-sized ones so I worked it over a few times to get the dimensions right and I thought I would post it. THIS IS NOT MY ORIGINAL IDEA THOUGH — just to clear that up.

2 coordinating cardstock
Ribbon to match
Adhesive tape
Paper cuter
Paper scorer
1” hole punch
Stamping ink pad

1. First cut a piece of cardstock 3 15/16” x 3”.

2. Score on both sides of the longer side at 2 2/8”. Crease along the score lines.

3. Cut the second piece of coordinating cardstock 2 and 13/16” x 1 ½” and round the longer sided corners.

4. Put a small piece of adhesive on the front cover and cut a piece of ribbon about 13″ long. Place the ribbon over the adhesive to hold in place. Note: Do not put adhesive on the backside of the holder.

5. Then put adhesive on the coordinating cardstock and glue in place.

6. Then punch a hole out with a 1” hole punch. I then inked up a “thank you” stamp and stamped my sentiment.

7. Using the adhesive tape on the back of the tics tacs, attach it to the inside of the holder.

8. Tie a ribbon and you are done.

I love to have little gifty things like this around to say thank you for babysitting, or inviting me over to your house, or hosting a party, or whatever.


  1. Jennifer P. says:

    Your friends are so lucky! I think these kinds of gifts are the best! Not expensive, but totally thoughtful. I would for sure feel sufficiently thanked if I got one of these!

  2. Very cute, honey. But—–

    Are you sure the message here isn’t “You totally need one of these? Take 2…they’re small”…? THANK YOU

    I’m just saying…….(lol)

  3. Lee Ann says:

    Your mom cracks me up!

    I agree with Jennifer P. So thoughtful.

  4. Those are so cool! I love them…wouldn’t that even be a cute wedding favor with the white tic tacs? so cute!

  5. Lindsay says:

    I was thinking the same thing as Eryn, it would make a cute wedding favor…sheesh why didn’t you show me this last month?!?!

  6. Shannon says:

    ooohh, I like, I like!!
    Very cute favor idea! baby shower, wedding shower, wedding, whatever! Cute!

  7. VIP Cards says:

    You are so lucky to get such a nice gifts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Hopefully you will add more post like this.


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