Home Right Quick Painter


When you paint do you like to cut in with a paint brush or do you use one of those handy edger tools?  Well if you are in the latter group you will love the HomeRight Quick Painter Edge Painter .  It is similar to their Paint Sticks but this is used for edging around {…Read More…}

Home Right Finish Max Paint Sprayer Review {+GIVEAWAY}

home right finish max paint sprayer

Do you know what I love about Home Right? They are constantly looking for people’s feedback regarding their DIY products.  And they listen!  And make changes to make their products better.  Enter HomeRight Finish Max Pro  on stage right!

home right finish max pro

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Home Right Steamer Giveaway


I have shared before how I use the Home Right Steam Machine  to clean hard-to-reach areas and hard surfaces that need extra help to get sparkling again.  My absolute favorite place (if it is possible to have a favorite nasty place in your house) to use it is under the toilets where the seam is.  If you have little boys you know what I am talking about.  And if you clean and clean your bathroom and it still smells like pee, I am TELLING YOU, try steaming under that seam. That is where is nastiness lies.  For real!

SteamMachine included in box

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Home Right Steaming Machine Giveaway


How many of you have a steam cleaning machine?  I didn’t until Home Right sent me theirs to try out but I always wanted one.  Home Right offers affordable solutions for the DIYer to help make your projects easier with their small prep tools.  I have their paint sprayer and desk washer and I love both of them.  They just launched the Home Right Steam Machine and I got this little guy in the mail to try out. 

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