5 Ways to Get This Look: Eclectic Dining Room

Look for Less Collage with Text

The blending of styles and patterns to create a unique, yet cohesive look is the style of decorating known as “eclectic”. If you’d like to style your dining room eclectically, this room by designer Samantha Pynn is such a good starting point!  Eclectic style lends itself to DIYers and furniture rescuers, so you can definitely put together a similar room without a hefty price tag.  Here are five tutorials I found to get you on your way to an eclectic dining room.

Look for Less Collage with Text

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5 Ways of Decorating the Home with Chevron


One of the hottest trends in textiles and housewares this year is the chevron pattern.   Although it has taken me a while to warm up to it I am totally in love with the patten now. Better known as “the zig-zag stripes on Charlie Brown’s shirt”, this diagonal stripe is a fresh, simplified take {…Read More…}