5 Ways to Give Your Valentine Chocolate


I’m pretty sure that chocolate is my love language. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate….if its name ends in chocolate, I’m happy to meet it! If you’d like to spoil your Valentine this year with a decadent dessert, may I suggest chocolate be one of the ingredients? Mmmmm…..try these five delicious ways to give your Valentine chocolate.

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Dove Dark Chocolate Mother’s Day Pill Box


Hey yo!  I am finally home from my 8-day trip to surprise one of my dearest friends on her 40th birthday in Alaska and then from there I went to speak at a conference in Utah called SNAP.  While I a had a blast, Dorothy most certainly was onto something when she said, “There’s no place like home.”  Sooooo…. have you realized Mother’s Day is coming up?  In two weeks from yesterday we get to honor all moms around the world – and I have a great idea on how to do it.


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Valentine’s Day Kiss Countdown

valentinesdaycountdown_thumb2 (1)

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! We love counting down to events in our house.   Last year I made this Valentines Day Countdown, which was my very first Hershey Kiss Board and my most popular.   Well I just pulled it out and loaded it up with kisses.   I thought I would {…Read More…}

5 Ways to Enjoy a Cup of Hot Chocolate

chocolate cups

Brrrrr….it’s cold outside!  I’ve told you before that my favorite thing to drink from a mug is hot chocolate–especially salted carmel hot chocolate.  Nothing beats wrapping your cold fingers around a hot mug of delectably scented chocolate. Can I hear an amen?  Well, if you like a cup of cocoa as much as I do, {…Read More…}