Kitchen Gadget Alert: Spice Storage

I have a deep love affair with kitchen gadgets, kitchen tips and tricks and storage essentials.  Back in October, after trying to find a certain spice in my crammed-full-of-crap spice cabinet, a whole shelf fell sending about 20 spice bottles flying out of my cabinet – one of which fell on my foot.  OUCH! So that prompted me to ask my Facebook fans how they organize their spices.  One of you mentioned the YouCopia SpiceStack .  (<—Amazon Affiliate Link)

Spice storage

It was exactly what I was looking for.  Since I love sharing tips and tricks that work for me I thought I would tell you about it in case you don’t have a spice organization system that you love.  I adore this product and tell all my friends to purchase it!

spice rack

I bought two of the yellow ones on Amazon and stacked them on top of each other. My cabinet width was only 9” wide so the 18 bottle one was perfect for that space.  I noticed that Bed, Bath and Beyond also carry the 18-bottle one but they only have it in white.  So if you have one near you and a coupon you can get it for around $20.  But you can order the 12, 18, 24, 27 or 30 bottle YouCopia SpiceStack on Amazon. (<—Amazon Affiliate Link)

I highly recommend using your own labels.  The ones that it comes with are paper and hard to get off if you want to move the labels around.  I use the Brother Labeler PTD200 (<—Amazon Affiliate Link) if you are wondering.

spice stack


If some of your spice bottles are too large you can always pick up these cheap glass bottles from Dollar Tree like I did.  They fit perfectly.

dollar tree spice jar

cheap spice jars

I read some of the reviews on Amazon.  A few mentioned not pulling the drawers out too fast or pulling more than one drawer out at a time.  So I have always been careful in opening them and I haven’t lost any of the bottles yet.  I HIGHLY recommend this product.  It is such a wonderful organization system, especially for my narrow cabinet that I have for storage.

spice organization

Disclosure: This is not a compensated nor sponsored post.  However, I did add affiliate links. If you should buy I will get a small percent of your purchase. Thankyouverymuch.

  • Allison

    This is genius! I was just complaining this weekend when I couldn’t find the spices I needed because everything was jumbled in my cabinet.

    • Beckie

      Genius indeed! I am loving mine.

  • Jennifer Haag

    I do believe that this gadget will be finding a home in my cabinets very soon! Thanks for sharing :-)

    • Beckie

      You will so love it!

  • Suzan

    Oh my goodness! This is exactly what I need for my spices. I was just digging in the cabinet for spices the other day and totally annoyed that I couldn’t find what I needed. I am going shopping tomorrow!

    • Beckie

      Hi Suzan, thanks for reading and commenting. This is a must have for kitchen organization!

  • Elizabeth @ Real Inspired

    Oh man, I think we have the tiniest spice cabinets possible and I think this might work! I just may be heading to BB&B very soon. Thanks!

    • Beckie

      SO worth the $20!

  • ColleenR

    Those spice racks look like what I was looking for, too, thanks for posting this! I have a question about the jars from Dollar Tree — they are somewhat oval so do they fit into these racks okay?

    • Beckie

      The ones I have are round, so, yes, they fit well. Maybe they just look oval in the picture?

      • ColleenR

        Thanks for your reply! I checked my local Dollar Tree and they ony have the sort-of oval shaped bottles. I am glad there are round ones out there, I wil check the other DT’s in my area.

        • Beckie

          Mine are definitely round. Good luck!

  • Andrea Moreau

    I use these for my Washi tape in the craft room…they hold a ton of tape. Bet they would also hold smaller ribbon and string spools as well.

    • Beckie

      Love it! I am all about hidden storage and maximizing space, so that sounds right up my alley!

  • Jen @ de Jong Dream House

    I saw one of these when we were in our old house and almost got one. I love how you labeled yours. We opted for a spice drawer under the cooktop in the new house we just built (, but it we didn’t have that, I would use this for sure!

    I think it might be good for my craft room though. Hmmm….

    • Beckie

      Wow, that’s quite the drawer! Looks great!

  • melle@feathered ruffles

    i’m glad to see a review I trust… I keep putting these in my buggy, wandering around, and taking them back out…

    making a purchase as soon as hubbs moves on to kitchen demolition. LOL!

    • Beckie

      Put them back in the buggy! ;)

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