Personalized Beyblade Case

Do you have a younger elementary age boy? Do they love Beyblades too?   My Isaac is in kindergarten and his world revolves around “3-2-1 Let It Rip!”   That is Beyblade speak for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about.   I decided we needed a storage option for all of their parts.   So I got a case and personalized it with some vinyl and then realized it made the perfect gift for the boy birthday parties he has been invited to.


Beyblades are basically little interchangeable metal and plastic discs that when pulled with a rip cord spin around.   The last Beyblade spinning is the winner of the round.   You can trade them and switch out parts to “make them stronger,” so my son says.


Now as fun as these are for young boys they are the bane of any mother’s existence once your child accumulates a bunch of these.   When taken apart the pieces are everywhere.   So to help corral the pieces and make it easy to travel I purchased an organization box (Plano Double Cover Stow N Go Organizer) and then used my Silhouette machine to cut out some vinyl for it.   Don’t have a Silhouette machine?   No problem — Say it on the Wall carries the design here for $4.50.

It has two storage areas with little compartments which makes storing and viewing them perfect for both child and mom!   Whoopidy whoop!

plano lockjaw organizer

beyblade locker

beyblade organizer

Isaac was invited to a Beyblade birthday party for his best friend Jebbie last Friday. His mom is an organization guru so this gift was a huge hit.

personalized beyblade case

For added protection you can spray the sticker with Krylon Triple Thick Clear Glaze

so you don’t have to worry about little fingers peeling the vinyl off.


Click here if you want the Silhouette Studio Files

font used: Chanson Heavy SF

Click here to purchase the vinyl from Say it on the Wall

Click here to purchase the organizer from Amazon





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  1. Donna Barker says:

    I cant believe how on target you are with this! I am so going out today to get one of these!!! Thank you for the tip!!!!!

  2. omgosh… much money do I spend on Beyblades??? LOL This is perfect!

  3. My son’s birthday is in May and this is sure to be a favorite gift for him (and for me so I’ll stop tripping over all the pieces in his room!!!). Thanks!

  4. I’m just amazed that there’s another parent who actually knows what these things are! Our 6 yr old learned about them via his after-school daycare crowd, who are mostly older kiddos. “3-2-1 Let Her Rip!” quickly became an integral part of our vernacular.

    I used a double-sided thread organizer to do much the same thing for my son’s extensive Cars car collection, but I wish I had seen this Plano Double Cover Stow N Go Organizer first. The removable dividers would’ve accommodated the larger Cars vehicles better.

  5. By the way, any idea if there are replacement parts available for BeyBlades? The top screw (a.k.a. Bit Chip) has broken on “Ray Striker.”

  6. lindsay scicluna says:

    Wow. I had never heard of these things until now but I fell in love with this project because it looks like this is how you buy these things, all neatly tucked into their respective slots. So cool. Great idea Beck!

  7. This is a great idea! I wonder if I can get my nephew to actually use it? :)

  8. I LOVE this project and I JUST got a silhouette so now I can actually do it!! However, I’m still learning…so I downloaded the file. Now do I cut it out with 3 different colors of vinyl and overlap them? Or do you print this on white vinyl? Its probably a dumb question. Thanks!!

  9. Great idea! I just wanted to know if an assembled Beyblade would fit in the top section of the case.

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