Outdoor Deck Lighting

Last year I spent so much time stripping and staining our deck, updating our outdoor furniture and creating a nice ambiance out there with our firepit table.  However, when the kids would go to bed and Tim and I would sit out there the outdoor patio light was harsh and bright.  So I decided to add some deck lighting with some rope lights from Lowes to create a relaxing environment in the evenings.


I purchased the Utilitech 48 foot Clear Incandescent Rope Light for $36.98 from Lowes. It comes with the plastic clips in the package.  So with my cordless drill I got to attaching all the little clips underneath the deck rails.


I had to drill a hole through the rail to accommodate the cord and also had to drill through the deck and unscrew some of the deck boards to fish the cord through to the outlet.


Then we just snapped the lights into the clips.  The best part is that we added a handheld transmitter and plugin receiver to the rope light so we can just click a button and the lights come on.  It said it was made for indoors but our outdoor outlet has a waterproof cover on it so we felt safe using it.  All you need to do is plug the lights into the transmitter and the remote automatically detects it.  For only $18 it beats having to plug in the lights each time we want to use them.

It looks so pretty at night when it is dark and just the rope light lights up our deck.



Can I tell you how excited I am to be outdoors again?  I love Spring!

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Dlsclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  As part of the Lowes Creative Ideas network, I was provided a gift card to help purchase these supplies.  All opinions are 100% IC.

  • http://www.katskalamities.blogspot.com Kathryn

    Yeap and I find Lowes great for so much but lighting Home Depot rules…
    and we did rope lights when we redid siding on our house 50 brick and now
    the hub will no longer be on a ladder to paint…yeah and replaced lighting around the house…

  • http://www.thehappierhomemaker.com Melissa@TheHappierHomemaker

    Very cute! We don’t have a deck but just put up lighting under our covered porch and it definitely adds a special touch. I love the Lowes Creative Ideas magazine too-they always have projects that end up on my to do list!!

    • http://infarrantlycreative.net Beckie

      They are definitely chock full of inspiration! You are so right about the special touch the lighting adds. There’s nothing like the soft glow of the rope light when I’m ready for a little R&R after a long day!

  • http://www.preppypinkcrocodile.com Preppy Pink Crocodile

    I love the subtle lighting under the edge! A great way to add a little light without it being bright and in your face. Much more relaxing!

    And I am sooo excited that we can finally sit outside again. Three cheers for spring!!


    • http://infarrantlycreative.net Beckie

      Amen! And, yes, it is waaaay more relaxing. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  • Cindy

    We are redoing our 3 season porch and I just love you seat cushions. Where did you get those?

  • Jennifer Haag

    I looked back at some of your other posts you linked and I am wondering what type of paint did you use to stencil your outdoor rug? Also how much time was involved in doing this? Your patio looks amazing!!

  • http://athomewiththebarkers.com Sonya ~At Home with The Barkers

    OK…Love that idea! I will be adding this as a light source for sure!
    Thanks for the inspiration ~Sonya

    • http://infarrantlycreative.net Beckie

      Yay, so glad you were inspired! Thank you for reading! :)

  • http://www.maidtoshinecleaners.com/ Crista

    I love lighting on decks. My parents just had a trex deck put on and the lighting in the summer is just beautiful!

    • http://infarrantlycreative.net Beckie

      My husband and father-in-law also added on our deck, and we have simply loved it ever since. The soothing lights just make it all the better!

  • http://2ndfunniestthing.blogspot.com 2nd Funniest Thing

    Love everything in your terrace!!

  • http://www.greenoutdoorlighting.com Mary Ellis

    Thanks so much Beckie, for sharing such useful information on deck lighting. I really enjoyed your post and the images shows the true picture of outdoor deck lighting.

    • http://infarrantlycreative.net Beckie

      You are welcome, Mary. Thanks for reading!

  • Steve Rodgers

    I always thought that metal table bases really make a deck look nice. I just bought a beautiful cast iron base last month and i couldnt be happier with it. These lights are very cool tho, thanks for the post!

    • http://infarrantlycreative.net Beckie

      Glad you enjoyed it, Steve. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  • tidymom

    great idea Beckie!- we are staining our deck right now, and I’m looking for ways to pretty it up when we are finished

    • http://infarrantlycreative.net Beckie

      We did the whole strip and stain the deck a couple years ago. It was a huge undertaking but totally worth the effort. The lighting is just the icing on the cake. Hope your space comes out beautifully!