One of THOSE days…

Today started out like any other day. I woke up by the sound of my son’s pitter patter feet running across the hallway at 8 a.m. I checked my email hoping for blog comments got dressed, ate breakfast, got my kid’s up, fed and dressed, and was on my way out to bring my kiddo’s to a friend’s house for the day.  I went to start the car…and nothing!  Dang it…I left the kid’s DVD player on all night and drained the battery.  I had to call my less-than-thrilled husband to come try to get the car started to no avail.  So I drove him back to work and took his car and that started my day off an hour and half later than I wanted it to.

I went to Home Depot, got some paint and then went to a friend’s house to help her sew a hooded towel.  While driving to my friend’s house I realized I forgot something I needed at Home Depot.  Dang it! “Ok, I will get that after I help my friend sew,” I thought to myself.  I got to my friend’s house and upon unpacking my sewing machine I realized I left my cord at home. Dang it!  So I hopped back into my car and then saw I would have to take an alternate route due to road construction.  So I went the alternate route and then the road was closed.  Dang it!  So that took way longer than necessary.  Then the gas light comes on…SERIOUSLY?!?! I was having the worst attitude when all of the sudden what do I behold on the side of the road…IMG_1838 Some super sweet Roadkill Rescued lockers! LOVES!

Definition per Webster (aka Infarrantly Creative)…

(rōd’kÄ­l’)[res-kyoo] n.— something found on the side of the road that screams "GIVE ME NEW LIFE” and just needs a little Infarrantly Creative love to give it a primo place in life again.

And then I realized…


  • Jenn

    Amazing find!! I'm green with envy. I've got a houseful of boys that would put those to good use.

  • Crafty Mom

    Those are definitely COOL!!! Sorry the rest of your day was a not very funny comedy of errors!

  • Sarah

    OH SNAP! I am sorry you had a crappy start, but girl your day went out with a bang!!!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  • Em

    You find the coolest stuff! People where I live are so cheap nothing gets left on the side of the road! (Okay, not true. The other day I saw someone had left a stack of magazine organizer/holders on the side of the road with a sign that said free. When I stopped I realized they were cardboard and had been sitting in the rain. Oh well! )

  • Katie

    LOVE THIS!!!

    I have a set of lockers, too, in my entry way, and they were also free! Someday I'll get around to posting pics of them.

  • Beth

    I am so jealous! That is like the find of the century! And what kind of car were you driving so that you could pack those puppies home?

  • The Thriftress

    How cool are those?!?! So neat! Do you need mud room storage?

  • Kelsey

    Such a great find! I too had one of "those days" today…teething toddler+two trips to home depot because the first pack of knobs I got had one missing+toddler ripping off several of my keys on my laptop+out of milk so had to go out AGAIN+husband gone ALL day=Mom thats SO happy its bedtime and I can relax! I hope tomorrow goes better for you…and me. lol

  • Lisa B

    Oh my goodness!! Love them….I saw two boys with those in their driveway when I was coming to your house. Did you get those from them or did they score some sweet lockers too??

  • Tiffany

    Everything happens for a reason :)

  • Candace

    How do you find all the great roadkill? I wish someone would leave some lockers on the side of the road for me!:)

  • Kristen

    Yeah you! :) How awesome! This next week or so is roadkill rescue week in our town. We have clean-up week, so everyone puts their "trash" out for us rescue people to find our "treasures". I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE driving around town. I've already seen chairs and stuff out. Just waiting for the Good stuff. ;) We salvaged a coffee table from our neighbors last year! It was way better than the $250 one we bought at the furniture store! :)

  • Trish @TheOldPostRoad

    That is too cool.

  • Jeannette

    When my hubby liquidized LnTs they were selling lockers smaller than that for $100 a piece! awesome find. Yay for closed roads? Maybe you were late to your friend's house because the previous owners were just dropping off the lockers. :)

  • Lil Eskimo

    unbelievable. those are just about the best roadkill possible!

  • Rhonda

    Wow! What a fun, FUN find. I bought some off of craigslist last year.

  • Dawn

    Hahaha, I love a happy ending! Can't wait to see what you do with them!!!

  • {Bobbi}

    Now I'm wishing I had your day so I can get those awesome lockers! Score!

    The question is…how did you carry those and fit them in your car?!

  • Ells

    aww, what a day!!! Glad it turned around there, on the side of the road. :)

  • Eryn

    NICE. Those would look super cool in your nephews cool football room…I'm sure they'll look cool no matter where you put them :)

  • Carmel

    Those might be cool in your nephew's room.

    Regardless… way to look at the positive side of things! : ) Don't know what happens, but when one thing goes wrong that early….. I always know it's going to be one of those days. : ) Why is it when one thing like that happens it's like dominoes?

  • kpmattingly

    What a cool find! I wouldn't want to leave it either..although it wouldn't fit in my car…and my husband would think I was crazy! :)

  • Michelle Hoad

    Amazing free finds always seem to brighten up your day. I'm jealous. I would hate you if I didn't like you so much!

  • Angela

    That is a GREAT find!

  • Suzann

    LOVE them!!!

  • Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage

    Those are awesome!!! You are having one LUCKY day! ;)

  • Remodelaholic

    OH…. I have always wanted lockers! That is an awesome find!

  • Cheri

    That is where you were directed to go all along and what a fantastic find. You have the best luck finding "road kill."

    Have a great Easter!

  • jenjen

    That is AMAZING! You are the luckiest!


  • frillsfluffandtrucks

    You find the best trash!!

    ~ Sarah

  • Melissa

    Please share what you end up doing with these! I could have bought the same set for cheap at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago but talked myself out of it because of their height.

    I might still be able to go back and get them (if they didn't sell), because the sale was just a few blocks from our house.

  • rachel

    … and I was actually starting to feel sorry for you. WOW! Nice score!

  • Amanda @ Serenity Now

    Those lockers make it all worth it. ;)

  • Practically Spent

    Oh for the love of the dumpster dive! Awesome score. I just lost out on a so-cool blue & white tiled slab that I could have used for a fab table top. I almost woke my husband at 1am to go get it for me before the garbage came the next morning. I totally blew it. Dang it! (again)

  • Jayni

    I not only really, really like you, but I just had to affirm that, while I have had MORE than my share (I think!) of lousy days lately, I understand completely how finding some wonderful roadkill can "make it ALL better!" Unfortunately, I haven't found anything good in AGES.

    Funny story. Thanks.

  • Blog Boutique

    Score! All things happen for a reason :) Hope you do something fabulous with those lockers!

  • Holly

    That would probably make everything OK for me too! SCORE!

  • GrannieEv

    You had me laughing all the way and then…. KEWL.

  • Tracy Suzanne

    Poor thing. What a crazy day you had. You deserved to find something great.

    Hope tomorrow goes much smoother.
    Hugs…Tracy :)

  • Odile

    LOVE THOSE! I'd say this was FATE!

  • Amy Jo

    Wow! What a day you had…with a storybook ending.

  • Anonymous

    SUH-WEET! What an awesome find!

  • Michelle

    Great find! I so wish I had those!!

  • coco

    you need the two full pour jugs of paint, and 2 cans of silver metalic spray paint i got out of someones garbage yesterday! can't wait to see what you do with those amazing lockers!

  • Amber

    I'm glad that there was a bright spot in your otherwise trying day, but can I just say that I wish I lived where you live?! You are always finding the most amazing pieces on the side of the road. I have been keeping my eyes PEELED and I don't ever see anything but junk! I need a new neighborhood! (wink)

  • Happy Save Camper

    Lol, that's the sweetest story! I got tears in my eyes laughing.

    Life is good indeed.

One of Those Days

Do you ever have one of those days when you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Or at least your hair did? Well Isaac had one of those days. This is what he looked like after a naptime today. And yes, Julie those are his pajamas that are on him from the night before. I did not change him, and possibly won’t all day. :-) Maybe that is why he has the look on his face that he does.

  • Lee Ann

    That’s hilarious! And, don’t we like to spend all day in our pj’s? Why wouldn’t our kids?

  • Glenna

    HAHAHHAHAHHA!! My litle dumplin’, Isaac. Beck, there were those days that you and I spent the whole day just hanging around like a couple of hairballs. hehehehe Mostly on dreary days.

    How I love rainy days. How we pray for them down here in Georgia! sigh

  • Julie

    yes!! i knew i wasn’t alone. Connor couldn’t quite figure it out either!