Mixed Metal Filigree Ball Necklace

I love Stella & Dot Jewelry.  I adore the big, chunky baubles and unique designs.  Unfortunately, I just can’t justify the expense of the beauties when I know I can find a way to make it for less than that.  My friend Rebecca and I made a version of the Vintage Tassel Necklace.  I actually like all the mixed metals but I am not crazy about the white bead necklace they used.hex nut necklace (13)

vintage tassel necklace


(All from Hobby Lobby)

Metal Gallery Filigree Spheres Bronze (#171751)

Metal Gallery Filigree Spheres Gold (#412585)

Metal Gallery Filigree Spheres Silver (#413534)

Bead Treasures 10 MM Dragonball Crystal (#722397)

Metal Beads 10mm Filigree bead Cap Silver Plate (#887950)

Metal Gallery Cable Chain 60” (#748012)

jump rings

2” eye pin

Jeweler’s pliers

wire cutters

round nose pliers


1.  Cut 8-10 lengths of 5” of cable chain with your wire cutters.

revival tassel necklace (6)

2.  Open up the eye pin and thread the middle of four lengths of the chain onto the eye. Thread two more lengths (the middle again) onto a jump ring and then slide two more (middle) on top of the eye pin.  Connect the jump ring to the eye (in the middle of the stack) and close the eye.

revival tassel necklace (12)

3.  Thread the filigree bead cap onto your eye pin.

revival tassel necklace (14)

4.  Thread the filigree balls onto that.  Then make a basic loop (click here to watch a how to video) at the top.

revival tassel necklace (17)

5.  Cut a length of the cable chain to 30”.  You can add a clasp onto it but since it is so long I just closed it with a jump ring.  It slides over your head easily enough that a clasp isn’t necessary.

Pair it with the Hex Nut Necklace and you have yourself a beautiful combo.

hex nut necklace (1)

  • Amee

    I love it! How much did it cost to make? I live on the West Coast and we don’t have a Hobby Lobby. Do you think Michael’s would carry the same items?

    • http://infarrantlycreative.net Beckie

      Let me know if you don’t find them and I can send you some.

      • Amee Dowkes

        I have been all over and can’t seem to find the right spheres. Did you end up using the silver sphere or the dragonball istead?

  • CherylM.

    I love your version so much more than the Stella & Dot on…… I don’t like the white necklace part either! Yours looks great!

  • Carmel

    I agree, Beckie. I like the chain you used much better. Still amazed by your talent. : )

  • Amee

    Thanks Beckie! I am going to head over to Michael’s tomorrow and see what I can find :) I’ll keep you posted!

  • http://tanyaanurag.blogspot.com/ Tanya Anurag

    Yet another awesome piece girls :) Great job!

  • Emily

    I just made one… and love it! Thanks for putting the sku numbers… it made finding the exact items much easier! Also – I must know what nail polish color you are wearing. I love it! Thanks so much.

    • http://infarrantlycreative.net Beckie

      Yay where you able to find everything? Pic Pics Pics! I need to see.

  • http://www.adaywithlilmama.blogspot.com Mindy

    love it! pinned ;)

  • http://michellescraft.blogspot.com Michelle

    So Pretty, have pinned! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • http://pinaforesandpinwheels.blogspot.com Stephanie

    LOVE this! Made it right after I saw it! LOVE! Thanks! Linked to you here :) http://pinaforesandpinwheels.blogspot.com/2011/12/i-went-i-saw-i-loved-i-made.html

  • Laurie Garrett

    Love your necklace Becki. Are you making them and selling them. I would love to buy one from you. I’m not too good with necklaces.

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  • Becca Red

    Why did the supplies ask for the dragon ball crystal?

    • http://infarrantlycreative.net Beckie

      I used a Dragonball Crystal in between two of the spheres for a little extra sparkle. You could certainly not use them and just stick with the filigree spheres.