Love Tree Wall Art

I found this Love Tree Wall Art on Land of Nod.  I have a friend having a baby girl and her nursery is midcentury modern with bright primary colors.  I thought it be a cute shower gift to make her some modern art for the baby’s nursery. Using 7 different premium vinyl colors from Silhouette I was able to recreate this using my Silhouette Cameo.



Silhouette Cameo machine


Transfer tape

MDF board (I cut mine to 15” x 15”)

spray primer

black spray paint

1.  First I cut and sprayed a 15” x 15” piece of MDF with black primer followed by black spray paint.

2.  I designed the tree in the Silhouette software using a heart image from the online store.  I filled in all the hearts separately (with the color fill icon) so that I could remove only the colors I wanted to cut out.  So the first vinyl I cut was the white.  I highlighted all the white hearts and the trunk and moved it into the cut area and then proceeded to cut it out.

White cut - Heart tree

3.  Then I transferred it to the board.  Then I would highlight the next colored hearts and move those into the cut area repeating until all the colors of vinyl were cut and transferred onto the board.

Tip:  In order to get it aligned correctly I made sure there was one heart of the previous color cut with the new color. Then I traced that heart onto the front of the transfer paper.  Then I removed that heart and was able to use my tracing to line up that heart with the previous cut one.



If you have any hearts that look wonky in the end just remove it carefully to reposition.



Now is the time to stock up on vinyl.  All vinyl is currently 40% at Silhouette America now through the 31st.August-Silhouette-promo

If you are ready to make the purchase of the Cameo machine here is the promo for the month:

Silhouette CAMEO® electronic cutting tool

$10 download card

12″ x 12″ cutting mat

Silhouette blade

black 12″ premium vinyl

white 12″ premium vinyl

12″ transfer paper

Using the code “IHEARTIC” you will get everything for $269.99 which is a $75 savings.

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Disclaimer: By using the code “IHEARTIC” in the Silhouette America store I receive a commission from your sales.

  • cassie

    love this, beck! i pinned it! :)

    • Beckie

      Thanks Cass!

      • cassie

        ha ha! hope you didn’t mind me shortening your name…. had an adventure yesterday and lost some blood and was in the er getting stapled back together. i wrote that comment shortly after i got home, so sure i was not totally myself!

        • Beckie

          Of course not…sounds brutal. I hope you are on the mend

  • Claire

    Great knock-off and fantastic tip for aligning multiple colours of vinyl, Beckie! Lucky you to have so many beautiful colours to work with :)

  • Leigh

    Cute. Thanks for including a picture in the truncated feed. It is much easier to choose to click when I see what you are doing.

    • Beckie

      You are welcome, I am still trying to get the formatting and all but I hope it helps.

    • Ve

      Agreed about the pic in the trunc. feed! Thanks Beckie! :)

      • Beckie

        You are welcome.

  • Sherry

    It’s adorable. I would have loved a shower gift like this. Saw it today on Pinterest too! :)

  • Mandy C

    That is SO super cute!!!

  • katie

    Beckie this is so cute!!!

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  • Eva Scott

    So so so cute! I have a question. I have used Silhouette’s vinyl several times and have a real problem getting it to transfer (via transfer tape) onto wood. It just doesn’t still. It doesn’t matter if I’ve painted it, spray painted it or left it as is. Any thoughts? I recently used contact paper as a stencil and sprayed my wood with spray adhesive and that worked. But this is super cute!

    • Beckie

      What kind of vinyl are you using? Silhouette’s regular or premium? I do not recommend the regular at all. It isn’t very sticky.

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