Lockerz Giveaway

I got a double giveaway this weekend.   Did you enter the Mixed Bag Designs Giveaway?   There are 5 winners for that one!   I wanted to do this giveaway this weekend because I know you are gearing back to school pretty quick.


Do you remember the day when you got your first locker? I was in middle school and was beyond excited to decorate it.   I remember taking wrapping paper and taping it onto the inside of my locker.   I also had a purple mirror and a pink mini locker that I stored on the top shelf were I kept packs of gum (although I wasn’t allowed to chew it in school).   It addition, I had a truckload of make up in there which was considered contraband in my house so I had to keep it in my locker…sorry Mom!   Lockers…the first place of privacy for a tween.

imageLocker Lookz is the birth child of two moms who saw how excited their pre-teen girls became about decorating their first school locker. When the moms went looking for locker decorations, they were surprised at the lack of decorative items for school lockers.

So they have recently launched a line of amazingly girly and wild accessories for lockers.

They have wallpaper, fashion bins, magnet flowers, and rugs.

how to paint lockers (12)

wooden lap desk (9)

But my very favorite accessories are the chandeliers and the lamps.   How stinkin cute would that have been in your locker back in the day?!?! image


For the chance to bling out your daughter, friend, niece or granddaughter’s locker with a Locker Lookz prize pack   enter the giveaway here.

1.   For one entry like Locker Lookz on Facebook and leave a comment there letting them know you found them via Infarrantly Creative. (Leave me a comment here letting me know you did that!)

2. For a second entry visit the Locker Lookz website and peek around.   Come back and tell me what accessories rock your world!

  • Gina Bell (East Coast Mommy)

    Love the little chandeliers! Too cute!

  • Alanna

    I am a new fan of Locker lookz.

  • Alanna

    I totally LOVE the chandeliers!! I wish I had had those when I was a kid!!

  • jen

    the bins are genius! I hated the stray pencils all over the locker “floor’ love the black dots and keyscroll design… in fact I kinda want them for my fridge….

  • Darlene S

    I liked them on FB.

  • Darlene S

    I love the all of the blue / green stuff, especially the matching bins.

  • Roberta

    I am in love with those rugs! I wish they had them when I was in school!

  • MariaS

    How incredibly cute! Love it! I wish my son would go for these! LOL
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    Have a great Sunday!

  • Tina

    I left word on their FB site! I love the chandlers! I would have totally wanted the pink and white with crystals for my locker! Going to show my daughter the site today!

  • Susan

    I liked Locker Lookz on FB! and left them a message too!

  • Susan

    I think every locker needs carpeting! :) Susan

  • Denise~Paper Ponderings

    This is almost enough to make me want to go back to school! I am loving it! My soon to be senior would just LOVE one of those lamps!! Cool, cool, cool!!!

  • Regina aka Mrs. Ham

    I “liked” Locker Lookz on FB, and left them a message that you sent me…

  • Regina aka Mrs. Ham

    I love that black chandilier and the black and the white lamp, they would look too cute in my craftroom….

  • Katy

    I think the carpeting is a great idea. I liked them on facebook and left them a message.

  • Holly Johnson

    Really cool! I liked them on facebook and a message. Thanks for the chance!

  • Holly Johnson

    I love the Black/White Scroll Locker Lamp! Thanks for the chance!

  • Renea

    Love this idea. My granddaughter is starting middle school in a couple of weeks and this giveaway is perfect! Thanks for the chance to brighten her day and locker.

  • Lisa

    I liked them on facebook.

  • lisa

    I love these. I would have to get the green polka dots for my teenage daughter. She is green obsessed.

  • Ruth H.

    What a great idea! I liked them on Facebook.

  • griffingirl

    OMGoodness! Why wasn’t Lockerz around when I was in middle school and high school???Love it! I checked out the Lockerz website and I love it all, but to answer your question I think the aqua zebra background and the black chandelier are my absolute favs. Oh, and the aqua carpet too!

  • Ruth H.

    I think the chandeliers are amazing! My daughter would be absolutely thrilled to have a black one to hang in her locker.

  • Audrey

    I ‘liked” them on Facebook! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Audrey

    #2: My daughter would just love the zebra wallpaper w/ black chandelier and pink carpet! Why didn’t they have these back in my day!!!? LOL This would be my favorite thing about school!!:) Thanks for the chance to win this for my daughter.

  • Nicole

    These are adorable! Wish my girls were old enough to need them. Don’t put me in this drawing, but way cute stuff!

  • Deanna

    Where were these when I was in school? I love the chandeliers!

  • Peggy

    My 14 year old picked out the white zebra on aqua wallpaper with a white chandelier, a green rug, aqua bins, and a black mirror. She had fun on the Locker Lookz website! I think she would LOVE having a fancy locker!

  • Krista

    My 7th grader would be too cool for school with a locker chandelier! I might actually be a cool mom (for a minute) if I won this giveaway for her . . . .

  • Patty Pitterle

    Love these. I have two girls who would love these things!! I went over and liked them on facebook!

  • Patty Pitterle

    I totally love the wall paper!! I think the girls would love that with a little carpet!

  • Renee B

    My daughter would LOVE these decorations!!! I love it all the wallpaper and chandeliers are the best!

  • Julie

    Wow, such a great idea. The carpet, wallpaper and pen holders are just some of my favorite. I love the purple plaid design. My daughter is going to go nuts!

  • Mischelle

    How can you not like the

    Black/White Scroll Locker Lamp

    Fabulous idea! Love the whole line.

  • Marti

    I became a fb fan!

  • Marti

    I went to the website and I just LOVE the blingy chandeliers.

  • linda


  • linda


  • linda seehusen


  • Sandy

    Those little chandeliers are beyond cute!

  • Alison

    Sooo Sweet. They are just so cute. Thanks for the chance to win. My daughter has flipped over them. I liked them on Facebook and told them that you sent me.

  • Alison

    My daughter Sydney loves the Wallpaper, Rugs and Chandeliers. We have used the ‘Design your own locker’ function and love so many combinations!! What a great idea!

  • tamara h

    I liked them and told them you sent me

  • tamara h

    the chandies slay me!

  • Susan Hahaj

    I liked Locker Lookz on FB! I’m Susan T Hahaj there!

  • Susan Hahaj

    I love the black and white scroll background on their site AND the matching chandelier! Susan

  • ashley s

    i “like” locker lookz on fb and told them you sent me!!!

  • ashley s

    i like the black and white acessories!!! the lights are adorable!!!!

  • Stephanie R.

    Just liked Locker Lookz on FB.

  • Stephanie R.

    I love the lamps and chandeliers! What a great idea!

  • Randi

    I liked Locker Lookz on facebook and left them a comment.

  • Randi

    My daughter would love it all but the mirrors and dry erase boards are so cute! I love the chandeliers but not sure they’d fit in their small lockers. What a fun company!

  • sunday burquest

    I Liked Locker Lookz on FB :)

  • Sunday Burquest

    I liked LockerLookz on FB :)

  • Sunday Burquest

    I would pick the lime green polka dots w/ the white chandelier – adorable!

  • kelli hansen

    This is so great! I liked them on Facebook!!!!

  • Stacy Jacob
  • Stacy Jacob
  • Lori Allred

    Liked and commented on Facebook!

  • Jennifer Sessoms

    Liked them a lot on FB.

  • Erin

    This is such a neat company! I have a tween daughter…she’d love all of it. My favorite is the chandelier without a doubt. :)

  • Lori Allred

    I loved the black and white scroll pattern with a little black chandelier…too cute…oh and blue shag carpet.

  • Kristen Taylor

    I would want it all! I love the chandeliers, and I think the magnet flowers are adorable!

  • lisa b

    I liked them on facebook!

  • lisa b

    I liked the locker bins!

  • griffingirl

    I liked Lockerz Lookz on Facebook!

  • anne

    liked them on FB. so cute!

  • anne

    visited the website & the chandelier is definitely the fave in our house!

  • Violet

    Wow..wish I had these in my day! Love the locker wallpaper (black leopard in pink background or the white zebra on aqua) as well as the chandeliers! :)

  • Margaret F

    I liked LockerLookz on facebook and told them that you sent me there. Cute items!

  • Brook Holden

    I ‘like’d Lockerz Lookz on FB!

  • Brook Holden

    I really think the Pink Zebra and Pink w/Black Stripe Fashion Bins! Soooo Cute!

  • Cheryl M

    The chandeliers are to die for!!!

  • Shelby

    Hey! It’s shelby here! I am a teen girl who is just getting ready to enter 7th grade, and i want to come back to school with the coolest locker ever! but like you, i haven’t found any locker decorations that give me the creative potential i want to accomplish. I REALLY want to win this contest!!!!! Money’s tight these days, so it would be absolutely amazing if i could get this opportunity :D i hope you consider me! thanks :)

  • Kelly

    I love the rugs and chandeliers, what a cute idea! This takes locker decor to the extreme, adorable! My daughter would love it!!!!

  • griffingirl

    I like Lockerz Lookz on Facebook!

  • Melanie
  • Carleen

    I liked them on fb.

  • Denise

    I Liked them on FB as well… These are sooooo cute….

  • Jami Crandall

    I am a new FB fan of Locker Lookz

  • Jami Crandall

    I bought my 7th grader the wallpaper and carpet. We now need the chandalier and other accessories!! :)

  • tina

    liked them on fb.. what a fabulous idea!!

  • Penny B.

    The chandeliers are my favorite! My daughter would LOVE to have this!

  • Bekah

    My daughter just started 6th grade n wanted to decorate her locker soooo bad so when we discovered lookerlookz she freaked lol n we ran out n bought the wallpaper, chandelier, flowers n bins but still need the memo board n mirror… She says she has a crowd around her locker every day after every class lol…

  • Kathryn Garner

    Became a fan of LockerLookz…

  • Kathryn Garner

    LockerLookz has great wallpaper and accessories…I especially like the fashion bins…wish I had something like that in my high school locker.

  • Jenny

    just liked them on facebook