Interchangeable Faucet Words

I have one of those cheap faucets from Moen.   You know the kind that they put in a new house where you choose the option “stock” when they ask if you want upgraded faucets?   If you go to Moen’s website and you click on bathroom faucets and you order them from the least expensive to the most expensive this is the winner for the cheapest faucet…lucky me!   So I decided to get creative…


I mean, who wants the boring ole faucets?


The other day while perusing Pottery Barn I came across this pretty faucet.


You totally know where this is going, don’t you?   At $449 for a new Pottery Barn Ashland Faucet I decided to take a pass.

But then I flipped off the plastic cap and took a small stick pin and removed the metal inserts for the hot and cold.



Then using my Silhouette machine I designed and cut out new labels for my faucet. Now if you don’t have a Silhouette machine you could just trace your caps and cut out the words. The way the caps are formed I don’t think they will get wet so I didn’t reinforce them or anything I just popped the cardstock circles in.


But then I started getting giddy, sort of slap happy and goofy.   I thought, why stop there?




I crack myself up.   I have 6 faucets in my house like this…oh the fun I will have!   If you have the same craptastic faucets (no offense Moen) and a Silhouette machine and would like the file click here to download my Silhouette file.

P.S.   Make sure you save the little metal inserts.   If you ever move your new residents might not appreciate your humor. Smile

P.S.S   Why is my mind totally in the gutter of all the things I could put on my husband’s faucet? Smile Smile

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  • Ann Marie

    LOL! That is too awesome. Girl, how did you get so creative?! Is it bad that I instantly thought of “those hands” & “are disgusting” or seeing what I kinda reaction I get with my mom? “well, hello” & “mom”

    The possibilities of freaking out guests are endless! ;)

    • Beckie

      I know that is how I was. I am thinking of a zillion ideas all of which are totally inappropriate.

  • Lucy

    you are so creative! I love it!

  • Mary @

    Honestly, those are so cute and funny – I’d have to leave them for the next owners :)

    • Beckie

      If the sale didn’t go well you could put “screw you”…totally kidding…kinda!

      • Amy M.

        LMAO, Beckie!

  • Sara @ Mom Endeavors

    This has to be one of the most genius and hilarious things I’ve ever seen! LOVE it!! :)

    • Beckie

      Smooches thanks!

  • Heidi Ferguson

    This is one of those projects that made me “Hee Hee” out loud. I love how cute and simple this is. You are so ingenius. I just love you. PS I stumbled this!

    • Beckie

      Thanks for the stumble. I just love you!

  • Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl)

    LOL! Okay, you crack me up too! I’m thinking of all kinds of saying I could put in ours.

    • Beckie

      I put HOT STUFF in my hubbys. he just rolled it eyes at me. {Snicker}

  • giggles

    This idea is amazing! I love it. I have these same facets…. my mind is working a million miles an hour!
    Thanks for the inspiration!! Looks awesome!

    • Beckie

      Hugs! Thank you!

  • Katie

    Oh my god, this made my week. Seriously, like 8 high-fives on this one, you are freaking awesome.

    • Beckie

      I am so glad you like it. Sometimes I freak out over a project and other people don’t. I am so glad when people think like I do. HA!

  • Jayna Rae

    I LOVELOVELOVE this idea!!! Super cute! I just know that there is a Merry Christmas one arriving in December.

    • Beckie

      How can you have the self control? ;-)

  • Teri

    That is brilliant! I think that just might be my answer to my ugly bathroom faucet! Definitely cheaper than a new one! :)

  • Randi

    That is just a crazy fun idea! I may have to copy that. Thanks for sharing!

  • Beverly @

    Oh my gosh these are sooo funny!! That is so clever. And so much more fun than boring old Hot and Cold. hahaha.

  • ShannonR2

    I absolutely LOVE this! I am so going to do this and just wait to see who notices first, my son or my husband….maybe for April 1st. Oh I can not wait!

    • Beckie

      Let me know how it goes. Take lots of pictures I can;t wait to see.

  • jen @ tatertots and jello

    Great idea Beckie!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Kara

    Girl, you are so stinkin’ creative! :)

  • Kelli @ Joseph’s Grainery

    My dad did the same thing in his bathroom, only he put a picture of an airplane he likes in his. It’s a fun reminder of my dad’s favorite hobby every time I wash my hands while I’m there!

  • SewTara

    I love this! Great idea.
    I’d love to scope out my friend’s houses and make some words and replace their silver thingies on an apparently innocent trip to the bathroom while visiting.

    • Beckie

      Oh my gosh how hilarious would that be for april Fools!

  • Kami

    I got the giggles when I read “Happy Easter” (funny)

    Cute idea Beckie!

    You could…put “Wash your stinky hands, Dangit!”

    ps. How can I get “giggles” to comment on my blog? ;)

  • Wanda @ Just Vintage

    That’s such a cute idea! Made me smile.

  • Micki

    Love it! Hm, what could I do with only the one-circled faucet? :)

  • Heather

    Ha – you are so cutely creative! I agree best idea ever! You’ve got my mind going too –
    Sugar Free/No Calories
    for April Fools Day – Milk/Orange Juice
    Okay, I’ll stop now… LOL

    • Beckie

      LOL! I can’t wait for April Fools. I already have some cookin up in my head

    • EverReadyMom

      Milk/Orange Juice.


      Pinned this to Pinterest:

      Love the idea.

      • Beckie

        Thanks for the pin!

  • Nicolette @ Momnivore’s Dilemma

    Next time:


    Great sense of humor and making the best of what you got!

    • Beckie

      Thanks Nicolette! That is a good one!

  • Hilary @ KatrinkaJane

    You could try, “Hint, Hint” on his two faucets… ;) Let his mind go in whatever direction it wants.

    • Cindy S.


  • Crystal

    You are a genius!!!! This is adorable. I almost wish I hadn’t changed my powder room faucet now. I still have one. 8)

  • Cindy S.

    This post cracked me up! Love your ingenuity and touch of “craziness.”

  • Dara Lynn

    I have those craptastic faucets too! What a wonderful….totally fun idea!!!!! You are my kinda girl:)

  • Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish

    Love this! How cute!!! :) You crack me up!

  • Kelly (kelly is inspired)

    Love it!!

  • laxsupermom

    Heehee! Love this idea! We have those same cheap buildergrade faucets. Tons of phrasing going through my head right now. Mostly inappropriate for a nice family site such as yours, but tons of phrasing. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Beckie

      Oh my mind is there too I have some for my hubby that I can not share ;-)

  • Amanda @ Serenity Now

    Possibly the most creative use of a Silhouette to date? ;) Have the same faucet upstairs…would love to try this. :)

    • Beckie

      Thanks Amanda. I will have to hook it up to your next party. Please remind me k.

  • Stacie

    I don’t have these faucets, but if I did, I’d definitely go for the smallest font that would communicate, “please rinse your stinkin’ goatee hairs out of the sink” for the hubby.

    • Beckie

      ROFL…that is hilarious Stacie!

    • Katie

      AMEN!! lol too funny.. Glad I’m not the only one suffering that fate

  • Susan

    This is sooooo cool! I love it! I especially like the “Wash” and “hands”… Think they’ll remember?
    Great idea!

    • Beckie

      Probably not but maybe my kids will learn how to spell it. HA!

  • TidyMom

    Beckie what a FABULOUS idea!! I LOVE it!!!

    • Beckie

      Thanks Cheryl, it kind of takes the stink out of crappy faucets ;-)

  • Beckie

    Me too, that is what I have going on now.

  • Beckie

    Thanks Liisa! Comic genius?? I will take it ;-)

  • Barrie Marsh

    I have the SAME faucets!! I am doing this today!!! Too funny! I think for my son’s I am going to put Lightning McQeen (red for hot) and Doc (blue for cold) Since he can’t read yet!

    • Beckie

      Take pics I totally want to see.

      • Barrie Marsh

        Umm, fail….my son’s favorite is Lightning McQueen. So guess which one he constantly wanted to turn on. NOT a good idea. It only lasted about 2 minutes. I gotta rethink it a little!!

        • Beckie

          Tee hee…back to the drawing board.

  • Lee Ann L.

    What a clever idea! It almost makes me want to have these faucets (I don’t – they’re some other cheapo brand).

  • christa

    that is very creative! I definitely said “oh cute!” out loud when I saw the pic! Good job and thanks for sharing. Going to do this to ours.

  • Heather@April Showers

    So cute!! I would totally do something like that.

  • Brenda

    I love it and I can’t wait to do something for my husband’s bathroom. Hehehehehe

  • Rachel Hansen

    CUTEST idea!! This totally made me smile. :)

  • Rachel

    Oh my gosh I love that!! We have the same exact faucets, and they are ugly!

    • Beckie

      Thanks Rach. I can cut you some anytime ;-)

  • Pati

    How would I do this on regular paper ? Any ideas for those of us who are so utterly deprived of a Silhouette machine ?? *GRIN*

    • Beckie

      Just print it out small enough and then trace the metal insert and cut it out with scissors.

  • Mod Podge Amy

    Yay! These are super cute – going to check if mine are craptastic right now.

  • Valerie

    Love it!!!
    What a great idea!
    One summer, I replaced the stickers with jolly-jump-up flowers that I picked from my garden.

  • Heather

    I have those same faucets because we did not even think to upgrade our faucets when we built the house. I’m definitely doing this. Today even!

    Great idea!

    • Beckie

      Wohooo! Takes pics I want to see.

  • Mary

    I have done this in for my bathroom faucet. I have the kind with just one knob. I took out the disc that was there. I used that circle as my pattern to cut out a bit of the fabric that was used for the curtains. Put that fabric circle in the faucet and then put the original disc back in to give the fabric stiffness. Looked adorable and it really was a huge improvement for the cheap faucet.

    • Beckie

      Great idea! Love that.

  • Shannon

    That is the cutest idea ever!! I need to do this in my kids bathroom.

  • marychap

    Made my day! Kudos on your creativity!

  • Angie-Bigbearswife

    I really like that decor touch heehee. Very cute! You could change them for every season hee hee

  • Annette

    this is great! ☺

  • Anne Jensen

    Love it!

  • Christina

    So nifty, neat & creative. I invite you to share your wonderful idea with my followers, please link to my blog bash K.I.S.S. :)

    Drop by The Tattered Tag

  • Val

    What a great idea!! It’s amazing what a difference that made!

  • The Old Block House

    Fun and creative! I love it.

    Following to learn more.

  • Lindsey

    What a clever idea! Love it!

  • DL Harmon

    Oh, I have these but we have the single ball type. Any ideas on what I could put on it?

    • Beckie

      Clean? Wash? You could probably put two words on it just make the font smaller.

  • Carlota

    My plan is for my son when he comes home immediately after graduation and in the interim of going off to his first job… CONGRATS GRAD ;)

  • Diane@InMyOwnStyle

    hi Beckie-
    I have these faucets too. What a fun idea. Will have to make some inserts to surprise my family. Very clever and creative.
    My best- Diane

  • Heather

    LOVE IT!! I’m actually jealous! LOL!! My house came with the upgraded oil-rubbed bronze fixtures. Beautiful to look at, but totally eliminates fun, creative possibilities like this!! Nice work!! :)

    • Beckie

      Trade you straight up ;-)

  • Cassie

    I think this is GENIUS!!! I absolutely love it!

    • Beckie

      Thanks Cassie! It is so fun. I smile everytime I wash my hands now ;-)

  • Lindy@ Itsy Bitsy Paper

    That is just brilliant! Way to go. I am so going to have to give that a try. I hate our stupid builder’s grade faucets and keep pestering my husband to change them but that doesn’t seem to be happening. I could do his faucet with “Change Me”…haha

  • Kirsten

    Seriously! All the faucets in my house are exactly like these, and now I have reason to like them. Thank you!!!!!!

    I’m thinking….RINSE & SPIT for my upstairs bathroom :)

    • Beckie

      OMG I lovethat one!

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  • Gabby

    I linked to this post today, from SCS Weekly Inkling newsletter. OMGosh! I love this idea. I live in an apt. w/these standard faucets in both bathrooms. I was just telling my housekeeper they are so icky but since I now rent, I don’t want to upgrade them. This idea is GREAT! It will surely take them from icky to FUN! I’m also going to pass the idea to two friends whose kids will love it! TFS :)

    • Beckie

      Thanks Gabby, take pictures and send them my way. I would love to see it.

  • Kathleen Chabot

    I have these same faucets in my apartment, but they must be an older model; the inside circles are painted on! No fun there, sigh!

  • http://[email protected] Angela

    I now have to go check all of my faucets to see if this is possibility for me. This idea is amazing! <3

  • Kim @ The Celebration Shoppe

    LOVE the “wash hands!” I need that for my boys! ;)

  • Sarah M.

    This is such a fun and creative idea! I spied it on Pinterest. I am blessed and lucky enough to have the same faucets AND a Silhouette. I went to click on the link and it 404’d it. Do you still have a link to use? ☺ Thank you!

  • Jen C

    I love this idea! The link doesn’t work though can you send it to me?
    Thanks You!

  • Jenny

    Oh man I SO wish I had a silouette, we have these same ugly faucets and that would be SO cute to do!!

  • Lady Dorothy

    Do you still have that Silhouette file? I would love to have it!

    • Beckie

      Toward the bottom of the post, there is a place where you can click to download the file. Enjoy your novelty knobs! ;)

    • Lady Dorothy

      Thanks for getting back to me! However, that link just sends me to a “Not Found” page. :-(

      • Beckie

        I am so sorry. I don’t have them saved anymore. :(