Incurable Disease

I have a disease.
There is no known cure for it.
It is a disease that has been passed down from generation to generation.
My mom has it and now I have it.
It consumes my life and my husband has no patience for it.

I have box-sitis.

Yes it is true…I love boxes. When I see a useful box I must keep it. Forever and ever. I must store it in my closet for a later date where I may alter it, put a gift in it, store things in it or just stare and it and say “isn’t that a pretty box?”

Case in point…

It is really anything that has to do with packaging – it doesn’t end with boxes. I love bags, totes, tupperware, jars, diaper wipe cases, Crystal light containers. If it has to do with storage I am in love.

When I was growing up we were driving home from school and my mom saw a bag in the middle of the road. She pulled over and said “Ooooh look at that pretty bag!? I MUST HAVE IT. I bet there are treasures in it. Beckie…quick go run and get it.”

We were both positive the bag contained diamond rings or millions of dollars…

So I looked both ways to make sure no one else was going to challenge me for it. I got the bag and ran back to the car to give it to my mom. She carefully opened the bag with a huge sense of anticipation only to find…..


Hilarious! I will never forget that. Who would store dog poop in such a beautiful bag???

This isn’t a disease I share with my friends. However it must be written all over my face and the symptoms must be obvious to the world around me because the other day my friend said, “I bought these and saw this box and thought of you, here you go.”

Hmmm….I wonder what I will do with it. It is a fantastic box isn’t it?

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  1. Vivienne says:

    haaaaaaah!!!! I have the same disease! It kills me to have to BUY a box to ship things, etc. I also cannot (CANNOT!!!) throw away bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

    Perhaps there is a 12 step program for girls like us?

  2. Mom in High Heels says:

    I love have you have a container labeled “containers.” That is hilarious!
    I do not suffer box-sitis and throw them away with wild abandon. Does that make you queasy?

  3. Haha I think I have the same problem too! How about making another notebook with this box? Remember the one where you used the cereal box as a cover for a notebook? I thought it was a pretty cool idea (:

  4. I’m a recovering addict. My husband hates it too–with a passion. Currently though, I have three or four underneath my bed that he doesn’t know about.

  5. Oh, and did you see the tutorial where they take cardboard and turn it into a magnetic recipe holder?

    Check it:

  6. Chasity says:

    I have a box very similar to that last one- I decoupaged it, turned it upside down, and now it sits on top of my refrigerator as our plastic grocery bag holder.

  7. This cracks me up. I love chocolate milk (that’s another disease…) and buy Nesquik in the tall containers with lids (shoot…. I even keep the smaller ones)… I always think I will decorate them, etc…. I keep DH’s Slim Fast containers, boxes (you never know when you will need a gift box)… shoe boxes (these were always my storage containers as a kid)…. I save PB jars, baskets, the Glad containers that lunch meat comes in now…. You share your disease with this friend. : ) DH doesn’t get upset… so long as I stop at some point…. truth is though, they are everywhere… I seem to have a problem throwing out calendars too… always thinking I will use the pictures for something. (Those are hidden behind dressers and the desk). : )

  8. I also like your container label. I’m not quite as organized as you, but I probably don’t have as big of a collection either. I made Joshua paint all over an oatmeal container for a few reasons: craft time, and I was hoping he’d use it for something since I hated to throw it out. He never did….. Guess boxitius isn’t contagious.

  9. Wow. And then more Wow.

    I throw away boxes ALL THEM TIME. Jars, too. Plastic containers? Yup, trashed. (Well, they get recycled.)

    I had no idea I was throwing away someone else’s treasure. Who knew???

  10. My sweet hubs was just complaining about my issues with this the other day…He feels they are taking over…har har!

  11. HAHAHHAH! Ok……I so remember that dog poop bag. We really got a tickle from that, didn’t we? I still wonder who was watching us and enjoying a real belly busting yuk yuk just knowing we were going to open it then whip it right back out the window. Ewwwwwww~~~~

    Aren’t you glad I got serious help for used tin foil and bag twisties before you were born? Gramma collects these and must have over 1,000 of each. Now, how sick is THAT?

  12. Love your container box with containers in it!
    I, too, have been known to collect boxes. Fortunately, for my husband, it comes and goes in stages.
    Unfortunately, for my husband, I have found your site and see all the wonderful projects I can do with boxes.
    Now I’m saving right and left. I have even altered a couple shoe boxes. ; )

  13. Dog poop? lol Thanks for the good laugh !!!

  14. Mom Taxi Julie says:

    This runs in my family too. I find myself doing it and then freak out and toss things lol.

  15. iappearjiggy says:

    I came down with it when I was just a wee bairn. It never goes away. Hubby asked what I wanted for Mom’s day. I said a box. You make it for me honey. Use up some of that scrap cedar from the ceiling. So, he did and I planted tulips in it. Boxes are mesmerizing and mysterious and that is what reels us in. Anything under the sun could be inside; fortunately, most boxes contain treasures and not dog poo!

  16. How timely as I am currently in the process of turning milk cartons into usable storage boxes. And diaper boxes? Oh my! I’ve been keeping cereal boxes since I started (trying) to make home school materials to use a backer for print-outs and for the kids to paint on. Used some to make the frame for a mother’s day gift, too!

  17. Shelley Fuge says:

    You addicts are hilarious. I have never had this problem. I wish I did. I always need a box. Now I know where to go when I need to ship something!! The other day I was destroying my closets in search for a shipping box…never found one. jeez.

  18. I’d say you have a major case of this incurable disease! You are hilarious!

    I will admit though, I save some items. It’s great to save the recycling for kids crafts and such.

    I’m so glad you have a huge home for all this fun stuff!

  19. oh, such a good laugh! Thanks for the story and the pictures!

  20. Cracks me up… I’ve helped my mom clean out her garage so many times and she says, made her throw out boxes! Half the time my grandmother stops by and takes them to her house! LOL. I have a bit of this disease… but luckily, I’m able to keep it to a minimum. Helps living in a smaller house with three other bodies! ๐Ÿ™‚ (They both live alone in 3 bedroom houses!)

  21. Hey girl! Do you have the blog address to Janelle’s South Africa Blog?

    Crystal is doing a major project for CWP about South Africa and I wanted to refer her to Janelle’s blog.


  22. Lee Ann says:

    That’s pretty funny. My hubby has a similar disease. Not quite as bad as yours though. And still there is no cure. He keeps boxes from everything he buys. That way, when he goes to sell it, he has the original box. We have stacks of electronic equipment/camera/etc boxes. I will be praying for healing for you!

  23. Love it!

    I spray painted a dresser today and thought of you. When I shopped for my paint, I thought i must buy American Accents…it’s what Beckie uses!So, I did. But they actually changed the name here to Painter’s Touch. same stuff…I painted baby girls dresser “sweet pea” pink. The stuff is great!

  24. I keep all of my shoes in their boxes. It makes me furious when I see the workers at DSW "de-stuffing" the shoes and the boxes. I need all my fluff in the shoes!!

  25. I keep all of my shoes in their boxes. It makes me furious when I see the workers at DSW "de-stuffing" the shoes and the boxes. I need all my fluff in the shoes!!

  26. I keep all of my shoes in their boxes. It makes me furious when I see the workers at DSW "de-stuffing" the shoes and the boxes. I need all my fluff in the shoes!!

  27. koala brains says:

    Hi – I found your blog via One Pretty Thing and I've been perusing your site for the last 30 minutes. Love your knack for transforming things. I want to find furniture and try my hand at what you do. By the way, I have a similar bright pink (of your chair) that I'm going to use for a lamp for my daughter's room. It's bright, yes, but fun, definitely! By the way, I have this disease, too, and I haven't found a cure. In fact, it gets worse. Now I'm stashing food jars! I just picked up 2 cigar boxes at a yard sale and I don't know what to do with them but they are cool. One day I'll figure it out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. It's like you described me!! It drives my hubby batty, but maybe if I organize like you do, it won't bother him so much! LOL
    I'm SO GLAD to know I"m not alone!!

  29. OMG! How FUNNY! I too confess to having this disease! It drives my husband of almost 20 yrs totally NUTS, lol!!! Everywhere we go I find myself looking for NEW & DIFFERENT storage items. I promise, I’m not even aware of it until he says, “ANOTHER container, dont you have ENOUGH already?!” My response is always the same. “There is NO such thing. You can NEVER be TOO organized.”

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