The Husband Speaks…

Beckie is visiting her cousin in Fort Wayne tonight, so what do I do…I figure out her password and decide to join the “blogger nation”. In all fairness, I would be watching Monday night football, but the Falcons and Saints are playing and it isn’t much of a game. (I can feel all you women who read my wife’s blog identifying with my pain right now)

So since I have some time on my hands…and since you’re still reading this, let me take a few minutes and brag about Mrs. Infarrantly Creative herself…my wife.

I’m in awe of how every thing she creates is amazing, every idea she comes up with is exciting, and every person who comes into her life is inspired in some way. I mean, come on, she has you buying mac and cheese containers to use as gift boxes and melting perfectly good crayons in your microwave.

Also, I love that she desires, on a very deep level, to make an impact in this world. Whether it’s sharing money saving tips so families can get out of debt or sharing her faith with others through her actions and generosity Beckie is always trying to help others. I imagine this is one reason she loves blogging so much. She gets so excited to tell me about when something she said or an idea she shared inspired you or caused you to reflect a little more on your life. (so keep the comments coming)

I could go on and on…especially because the football game is only getting worse…but I will end with this…I love that she is my wife and the mother of our child. After almost 10 years there is no one in this world I would rather have as my life partner. God has truly given me a gift in her and I hope you enjoy her contributions in your life as well.

Keep it up Baby…I love you!

The husband

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  1. Tim, you are not only a wonderful husband and father but a gentleman,indeed! I thank God that my daughter has good taste and sound judgement. Couldn’t be happier that she picked you for her life partner. (And to think I was fighting her on attending Liberty University alllll the way in Virginia). God certainly had a
    plan. Love you dearly. ~~ BeauMomma

  2. Mrs Groovy says:

    That is the sweetest thing!

  3. I just recently found Becki’s blog, and have been reading it daily for a couple weeks now. She is certainly blessed to have a husband that adores her and admires her!! What a wonderful thing you have just done!!
    Us women love hearing from “the husband”!!
    God bless you!

  4. Great tim, you made me all weepy and now I can’t finish my oen blogging cuz I can’t see through all the tears. Way to go. I do agree though, she’s pretty cool!

  5. Tim…you are so transparent. I know you are gonna get some good lovin’ out of this. And you probably deserve it, this time at least.
    I love y’all…truly…come visit, or we’ll show up there!
    p.s. Aren’t you SO glad that not only did I send you a photo Christmas card, but I also wrote a little personal note on it? Beck, you LOVE me, huh???

  6. I’m a “lookeylou” from Phoenix Arizona and had to comment on that precious post. Being another “Becky” I wanted to tell you what a blessing to see God working in your lives and what a great example you are setting by the love that shows in your marriage. I’m proud of your husband for honoring you so. I pray God richly blesses you and your family as you live for Him!

  7. Oh Timmie, your getting us all gooshie inside! All I can say in response is….”TRUE TRUE TRUE!!!”
    She is a blessing to many!

  8. Michelle P says:

    You are a blessing to many! Thanks for sharing all your awesome wisdom with us all. You need your own show! I guess you sort of have that now with your blog! 😉
    Miss you!

  9. Thanks for taking the time to brag about your wife, Tim…it’s something everyone needs to hear even when its all ‘known’ information…I’m sure it warmed her heart to hear how much you love and adore her…good job ‘working’ at your marriage…something many husbands could learn from… we miss you guys around here…even just for the simple passing ‘hello’s’ at church on Sunday…your smiling faces are missed…

  10. very, very sweet!

  11. Ted Williams says:

    OK Tim, you big dork…how do I top that with Jen? I feel like a bad husband or something now (not having done a post like that on Jen’s blog–and she doesn’t even have one), AND my wife MADE me read through Beckie’s superwoman blog, just to find your post. Sheesh….

  12. Wow! I hope to one day find a man who will love and cherish me as Tim does. I have been reading and following this blog for a couple weeks. I think that your love is very sweet and I really identified with your Real and Raw part 13, 14 and 15… and the letter Tim wrote on your 6 month anniversary… wow! You are so very blessed! I am so grateful you took the time to post your story. IT is inspiring to learn your experiences. I am especially grateful for your insight and wisdom. Wow! Thank you so very much!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I am practically wordless. I can't imagine my husband EVER saying such nice things, "getting" me that well and posting it on the internet for all to see. You both are truly blessed.

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