How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You Sign

I scored some free fencing off of Craigslist earlier this year.  I have been using some of it for backdrops for my photos.  Trying to keep on a tight budget with this Operation Restoration: Home Edition project forced us to think creatively about art on the walls.  Since Denise loves the rustic feel anyway I knew we could repurpose some fencing into a large sign for her living room. Denise picked the lyrics “How Sweet It Is (To be Loved by You)” lyrics for the sign which is so appropriate for this family.

old fence wall art


Old length of fencing

spray paint

Contact paper

Transfer Paper

Silhouette machine


Straight Edge


Screws & Wire to create hangar in back

This sign is huge coming in at 5 feet wide by 4 feet tall.  We needed a large piece of art to go between the two bookshelves I made for their living room.  Denise loves weathered wood so this was ideal.

old fencing

1.  I needed to cut the pickets off the fence.  So I drew a line with a straight edge and then used my jigsaw to cut the top of the pickets off.

repurposing old fencing

2.  Next I designed the words in my Silhouette studio program.  I used Contact paper instead of vinyl because it is cheaper and perfect to use for this project since it was only providing temporary adhesion and then would be removed.  I used a lot of Contact paper for this project piecing the letters together and then transferred it onto the sign with transfer paper.

stenciling an old fence

3.  Then I just coated it with one can of a burnt orange spray paint.

stenciled letters on fence

4.  Then my favorite part – peeling off the Contact paper.  While it was still wet I removed all the vinyl letters to reveal the weathered fence underneath.removing vinyl from sign

rustic fence sign

5.  After it was dry I used screws and some heavy duty wire to create a hangar for the back.

weathered wood sign

how sweet it is to be loved by you sign

The entire project cost me a can of spray paint.  Not bad for a large statement piece for the wall.

how sweet it is to be loved by you

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  • Ashley

    I always have trouble separating the backing from the contact paper and mess it all up, even for simple shapes like rectangles. I can only imagine what trouble I’d have with all those letters! What’s the trick?

    • Beckie

      I just bend the corner and peel it up. I don’t think there is a “pretty way” of doing it.

  • Cathie

    I love this. Great job!

    • Beckie

      Me too Cathie! So does the family! It’s nice to use something so simple as Lyrics that mean SO much. Glad you love it too ;)

  • Stella Cordova

    Oh my! This is so amazing. I love the quote. Thanks so much for sharing this great project!

    • Beckie

      Stella! Stay tuned for more great projects from Operation Restoration :)

  • Stephanie@Henry Happened

    I love it! the message and the realization as well!

  • Mindy

    That’s amazing how big it is and how little it cost (and how great it looks!)

    • Beckie

      Mindy, I am overwhelmed and humbled by how much everyone has loved this simple project. It goes to show you that something that is simple and free, can go a really long way!

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  • CJ

    I love this but I don’t understand the need for transfer paper??
    Can’t you just put the contact paper straight on the boards??
    Sorry I seem to be lost on that point

    • Beckie

      The transfer paper takes the vinyl and allows you to lay all the letters down in one full swoop.

  • SheilaG @ Plum Doodles

    Absolutely love it! I love my Silhouette for cutting regular paper projects, but I have such a hard time with vinyl and transfer paper- I can’t imagine doing a large project like this!

    • Beckie

      There are some great tutorials on you tube how to do it! Check some out. It’s easier than you think :) I love this too! Thank you

  • gail

    I use contact paper for all of my stencil work, but where on earth did you find black contact paper beckie?
    Love the reverse stencil! and the lyrics! and of course you KNOW I love using old fence! lol

    great job!

    • Beckie

      I order it from Ace hardware in bulk. So much cheaper than vinyl.

  • LouAnn

    THIS. IS. AMAZING! I have been looking for something in my bedroom over my bed. Nothing just seems right. I LOVE THIS! I don’t have a silhouette though……. :( :( :(

    • Beckie

      LouAnn There are lot’s of tips on Pinterst on how to make letters on signs without a silhouette. Check that out if you want to make one!~