Paint Shelf with Hidden Door

Last week when I showed you my DIY drop down ironing board I made for $20.  At the end of that post I left you hanging saying that you could hide the ironing board as well. Do you want to see what I did? I made the most awesome shelf for all my paints, dyes, and Mod Podge that is actually a secret door to hide my ironing board. {Squuuueeealll!}

hidden door shelf

hidden door storage

Isn’t it amazing???

Okay ladies and gentleman (I am sure there is one of you!) This week is craft studio reveal week! I am so utterly excited to show you the project that has taken over my life for the last three months. I had to start with my most favorite project in the room!  It is a thin shelf built out as a door to hide my ironing board behind it.  Dual purpose baby! And not as hard as you think to make.

Lowes Supply List:

(3) 1” x 6” x 8’

(4) 1” x 3” x 8’ 

(5) 1” x 2” x 8’ 

bead board 

(2) 3” caster wheel

shelf pins (Amazon)

paint and primer

(2) piano hinges 

miter saw

Kreg jig with pocket hole screws

jigsaw with metal blade

pegboard for jig to make adjustable shelves

cordless drill

air nailer

1.  My overall shelf is 82” tall x  33” wide x 5 1/2” deep. Cut your 1” x 3” sides the length you want.  Mine are 82” long.  Then I used a piece of pegboard I had lying around and a stop block (learn how to create one here) to create shelf pin holes on the sides so I could have adjustable shelves.

creating adjustable shelves

2.  Next I cut three 1” x 3” pieces to 30”.  Using my Kreg Jig I drilled pocket holes into the ends of those pieces and drilled them into the sides to create a frame.  If you don’t have a Kreg Jig you could screw them in place as well.

hidden shelf door

3.  Using my Rip-Cut and my circular saw I cut a piece of beadboard to fit the back and nailed it in place.

paint shelf door

4.  I then cut my 1” x 6” to size to fit around the outside edge of the frame I just created.  This allows for me to have the depth to make an opening behind it for my ironing board to fit in.

creating hidden storage door

5.  Next I created all 12 of the shelves by cutting both a 1” x 3” and a 1”x 2” to 30”.  I nailed the 1” x 2” onto the edge of the 1” x 3” making a lip so the paint bottles won’t all off.  I also added a 1” x 2” face frame around the sides, top and bottom.

6.  I added shelf pins and set my shelves in place.

shelf pins

7.  Then I patched all the holes, sanded it down, primed and painted it.


8.  After it was all done I enlisted one of my contributors Rex to help me hang it.  We added two casters with locks onto the bottom of the shelf towards the front of the cabinet.

caster wheels with locks

9.  Then he added a piano hinge onto the back left side of my shelf.  I ended up needing two lengths of piano hinge so he had to cut one of them down to size with a metal blade and jigsaw.

hidden shelf

10. Then we drilled the piano hinge to the wall, making sure to hit studs, with 3” nails.

piano hinge door

And then I hung my over-the-door turned wall mount ironing board in place.

hidden iron

I have to open the door carefully.  I mean I can’t swing it open with gusto.  The paint is held in place by the face frames (1” x 2”) on the front but I still open the door carefully to not disturb the placement of the paints.  However, for me, this was a great option.  I don’t iron frequently enough for it to always be out in the open and so hidden behind this paint shelf door was perfect for my needs.


In order to lock the door closed I just need to lock the front wheel on the bottom.



What do you think?  Is it crazy or crazy cool?

Total cost about $125


Disclosure: A big thanks to Lowes for providing me a gift card for this project.

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  • Faye (MacGIRLver)

    This is awesome! When I see craft room makeovers and the dozen or so paints are nicely organized I always think, “What about the rest?” When I get into a craft/hobby, I go big time, this nicely takes care of a problem and keeps all your colours in sight, and so neat and tidy too. Beautiful. I have to admit, when I saw the hanging ironing board I thought, “Yeah but who wants to look at that hanging on the wall. I should have known you would take care of that, perfect!

    • Beckie

      {giggle} Of course I got your covered girl! I don’t want to see my ironing board either ;-) Yes I know I probably have enough paints to open a store but they are all in view now. Hidden iron and cool paint storage = marriage made in crafty heaven.

  • Becky Crutcher

    Beckie I love it! You just might help me get over my fear of using electrical tools (mainly the saw) yet. What a great idea! Can’t wait to see the rest of your project!!

    • Beckie

      I will say that the miter saw is probably the least scary of all of the saws. The table saw still scares me, even though I do use it.

  • Lori

    That is totally cool!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!! Cannot wait to see the whole reveal!!

    • Beckie

      Thank you Lori. I am pretty stoked about it my self! The final reveal will be Thursday!

  • karen@somewhatquirky

    Well it’s crazy cool of course! Can’t wait to see the entire reveal.

    • Beckie

      Thanks Karen. It’ll be on Thursday!

  • Kaley

    I’m so excited to see the BIG reveal, Beck. I love function and beauty working together. :)

    • Beckie

      Me too. I am a sucker for cool hidden storage ideas too.

  • Courtney

    Absolutely amazing and crazy cool!! I love it Beckie!! Awesome!! Looking forward to seeing the whole office reveal!!

    • Beckie

      Thank you Courtney! Me too I can’t wait to show everyone. It is like my baby that I want everyone to meet. After three months of labor I feel like it is a baby!

  • Andrea Anderson

    Fantastic! I might be borrowing this idea for an odd spot in my own craft room! What did we do before blogs and pinterest?!?!?

    • Beckie

      I know! Blogs are the best. It is so awesome to learn from one another.

  • traci

    Such a great idea! I love it! :)

    • Beckie

      Thanks Traci!

  • Deneen

    I am letting out a scream for you!!! This is a great project. Love it!

    • Beckie

      HA! Thanks Deneen I am glad you love it.

  • Jeanie

    What a great idea Beckie, so functional and great-looking!!! I can’t wait to see the whole reveal!

    • Beckie

      Thank you Jeanie. I can’t wait to show you.

  • Sarah @ An Inviting Home

    Crazy cool for sure! You are BRILLIANT!


    • Beckie

      Thanks Sarah.

  • Natalie @ A Turtle’s Life for Me

    What the what??!!! LOVE IT!! I’ve got all my paint in little plastic bins and I have to open each one to find the color I want! Oh the horrors!! This would be pure joy to see them all displayed in front of me so nicely! Great job!

    • Beckie

      Thank Natalie. I know your pain. I used to store my paint like that too. I am in love with little shelves to showcase my paint out in the open. It makes it so easy.

  • Ava

    That’s pretty awesome! I love clever ideas like that!

    • Beckie

      Thanks Ava I am glad you enjoyed it.

  • Bee

    That is a great idea and I love how you can see all of your paints so well!

  • Laura

    I love the shelf-door, and the ironing board behind it. But, most of all, I am impressed by how good your stuff looks in it. Apparently there are added benefits to brand loyalty – identical shaped and sized bottles!

    • Beckie

      Hee hee…or when they send it to you free :-)

  • Kristin

    I was brought to you from Sawdust Girl and want to keep up with your blog. I have a problem–I can’t seem to get rid of the stinkin’ Toy’s-R-Us ad to read your first paragraph!!! It is driving me crazy–any tips? Otherwise, You rock and have done soo well with your woodworking skills. Love the storage and hidden ironing board! Do you have an online shop for all the needed craft storage or are you just INSANELY obsessed with a TON of craft items?

    • Jennifer

      I am having the same issue! Very annoying ;0( BUT, love this idea!

      • Beckie

        Jennifer. I am so sorry I have emails into my ad networks about this issue. Please forgive me and hold tight.

    • Beckie

      Kristin. Haha! I know. I was nervous to post it because I look like a craft hoarder. All that stuff is sent to me free by craft companies to test out their products. But yes I am insanely obsessed with craft stuff. As far as the ad goes…I am so sorry I am working on it right now to remove it.

      • Kristin

        Thanks! So your job is to test out different companies craft products???? And during your reveal I want to see the inside of every SINGLE cupboard! HA HA! Actually, not kidding…who needs that much storage?I MUST see it all!

        • Beckie

          Believe it or not I have 8 of the 9 cabinets filled! I will show you if you want.

          • Kristin

            Please do! I know others will want to see how you filled those massive cupboards that Sandra had you slaving away on:)

  • Jann Newton


    Your shelf/door is great! I love that you can see all of your paints so easily.

    • Beckie

      Me too! I can just go grab a color instead of having them in a drawer and having to dump the whole thing out to find the color I want.

  • the cape on the corner

    i am loving your paint storage, and even more now that i know it’s hiding the ironing board! how fabulous!

    • Beckie

      Thank you! Yah who wants an ironing board for art :-)

  • gail

    Can I say “I’m proud of you” ? Yay Beckie! Don’t you feel empowered to do it yourself? LOVE the idea and the final outcome! way to go!


    • Beckie

      Yes you can totally say that! I have come a long way baby since by first shaking-in-my-boots tool experience. Thanks Gail, you are the best.

  • Amy Huntley

    Wow! What a brilliant idea! I love it and I love secret hidden compartments! Your new craft room/office is going to be so amazing! I want to come and see it (and you ;) in person!!

    • Beckie

      I would love that more than you know. Thanks Amy.

  • katie

    This is genius!!! Such great use of space.

    • Beckie

      Thank you Katie. I had minimal wall space so I had to get creative.

  • kristin

    WOW this is awesome!!! Love what’s inside the door too :) I’m sending this to my hubby, hint hint!

    • Beckie

      Thanks Kristin. I thought through every aspect of this room to create a space that was perfect for me. Thanks for taking time to comment.

  • Jen @ Four Marrs & One Venus

    Wait… so is it a door? or a shelf? AHHHH!!! ;) Love this girl holy Shelfers I am in love! Looks pretty and pretty flippin’ fantastic I must say- you rock!

    • Beckie

      Jen your comments are the best. I think I need to pay you a monthly stipend to leave comments on my site. Love you girl!

  • Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

    Holy crazy awesome! I want one!!! That is absolutely amazing!!!

    • Beckie

      Thank you Jessica. I knew you would like it!

  • Gina

    That’s great! Crazy cool!

  • Mindi

    It is AWESOME! Totally crazy cool! Can’t wait til Thursday!

  • Lori

    You know I like the project. And over all I like what I’ve seen of the the craft room. And my following comment is nothing against you. I started following a lot of the DIY blogs because I was interested in what other “cash strapped” Moms were doing to save money. I’m finding in increasing frustrating to see these amazing redo’s and projects just to find out that a gift card was provided to do the project.

    Don’t get me wrong, I understand that blogging is your business, you are advertising for Lowes and other companies when you get the gift cards and create the projects. But for some of us, the projects aren’t practical. Would I like to take $125 and build one thing for the craft room? Sure, but in today’s economy that’s not doable in my house. Will I file the idea away in the “maybe one day” file, sure.

    I guess what I’m saying is that I would like to see more budget friendly big makeovers.

    Thanks for sharing. Again, this was not directed at you or your work, I enjoy it very much.

    • Heidi

      I couldn’t agree with you more Lori!

  • Virginia Fynes

    Super clever idea!! and that paint collection… love it!
    In regards to the previous comment. It’s her job, she doesn’t come to your work, complaining how you make money. Like the idea, but can’t afford it? Try to up the project by creating the same thing on a dime, give yourself a challenge. Fact is building supplies are expensive.

    • Beckie

      Thank you Virginia. I appreciate everything you said. Ouch!

  • Stacy

    I LOVE things that do double duty! This is amazing :)

    • Beckie

      I know right?? I am obsessed with dual purpose projects.

  • Megan

    Very very cool! I love it. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. :)

  • Beth@AtoZ

    Your craft room rocks my socks girl! Amazing! Love your paint storage solution and seeing the process of the entire space coming together.

    • Beckie

      Thanks Beth. I am so excited it is done. Good Lord that was a PROOOOJECT!

  • Kris Lee

    This a great idea. I would have personally gone with an old door that I could get for about $10-$20 from the second hand store. Then built out the shelves w/wood I (may) already have.
    Remove the door knob from at least one side to give you a “pull”. Good idea though, so just for those that can’t afford $125, there is hope, just use your imagination.

    • Lindia

      That’s an awesome idea Kris Lee! Times are tough all over and we all feel the crunch. People can go to the Habitat for Humanity Restore and get a door for that price or I’ve even seen them on Craigslist for the same amount. It doesn’t have to be oak after all! And if they don’t have the extra wood laying around to make shelves and the side frames, just get ahold of a pallet for free. Disassemble it and cut some shelves. If the front rails (aka face frames) require even more money or too much lumber that they don’t have, try buying dowel rods or even bungie cords (although these can be pricey). Hey, I know a cheap alternative! Buy “chinese jump ropes” at the dollar store, drill holes in the side of the shelves, stretch the rope taut across the length of the shelves, and tie them off on each end. Ba da bing, ba da boom! Probably the most expensive part of this project required is the piano hinge- unless someone has a couple they can remove from other pieces of furniture. I actually like the idea of a challenging the imagination! :-)

      • Beckie

        Atta girl. I like to see a girl who can think outside the box.

  • Mel

    Just amazing, I love this idea for my laundry. This is one amazing craft room, enjoy it.

    • Beckie

      Thanks Mel my family literally has to drag me out of here everyday.

  • Dianne

    Love this idea! There is a long list of items you could hide behind that door. Also, another long list of things you can do on the back of the door facing your ironing board. Maybe chalk paint or cork board…the list is endless. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Beckie

      Dianne – I know I keep trying to figure out what I want to do with it. I am thinking maybe a pegboard. I could use a place to hold some of my quilting rulers. We’ll see but I am sure it is not the last time you will see it.

  • Amanda

    I’m obsessed with this, Beckie – so, so amazing. If only I lived closer so I could come crash your craft room whenever I needed a space to work! ;-)

    • Beckie

      Oh my gosh wouldn’t that be so fun!? You are certainly welcome to come over anytime you want!

  • Steph @ Crafting in the Rain

    So fantastic Beckie! I’m super impressed with the whole room…and I love the door/shelf/secret board brilliant-ness :)

    • Beckie

      Thanks Steph. Stay tuned for my craft island tomorrow.

  • Gwen

    Oh. My. Stars.

    That is amazing…

    • Beckie

      Thanks Gwen I am smitten myself!

  • funky Junk Interiors

    VIRAL ALERT. Stinking cool!

    • Beckie

      HA! Thanks Donna. I hope so!

  • Karen @ Dogs Don’t Eat Pizza

    What a great use of storage space! I have paint and ironing board storage envy! I can’t wait to see the whole reveal.

    • Beckie

      Thanks you so much Karen. It is coming on Thursday!

  • Johnnie

    Dude! Serious envy happening. It will turn to inspiration eventually ;) You are rocking it.

    • Beckie

      Thansk Johnnie. I can’t wait for a play date to show it off.

  • Jean Bullock

    Cool idea! You could also make another door just like you did and attach it to the other with another piano hinge so the storage areas are facing each other and then put a little latch on them to hold them closed. Then you would have twice the storage, and when it’s closed the supplies don’t show. That would also keep out dust. You could decorate the outside with a chalkboard or bulletin board or even a lightweight mirror (helpful for those who sew.) This project could inspire a lot of ideas.

  • Claire @ A Little Claireification

    Shut the (craft room) door, that is so stinking AWESOME and crazy cool! Cannot wait for the reveal!! LOVE. Pinning.
    – Claire

    • Beckie

      Thanks for the pin Claire. I really appreciate it!

  • Sandra

    Love it. It is gargantuan and awesome. It is a brilliant idea — and like most brilliant ideas that are shared in blogland, it would be easy for a person to modify this plan to fit their budget by re-purposing items already owned or inexpensive thrift store items. ;-)

  • Debbie

    Oh yes, this is crazy cool!! And I was impressed with my paint holder, you put mine to shame! But then, you must have 10x the amount of paints I do. lol
    Awesome job, Beckie! I love it and pinning!
    Debbie :)

    • Beckie

      Thanks for the pin Debbie. I have sooooo much paint. I actually gave a crapload of it away too. #painthoarder

  • Erin @ How to Nest for Less

    Seriously AMAZING!!! Gorgeous and functional…. LOVE.

    • Beckie

      Thank you Erin. I am in love with it!

  • Amber @Thrifty Ninja

    I love this! What a great way to make use of a small space for maximum storage! #RockStarStatus

    • Beckie

      Thank you Amber. It is perfect for my needs.

  • Lori

    Oh my goodness gracious, this is fabulous! I want one too!

    • Beckie

      It wasn’t hard to make. You can do it.

  • Roberta Iloff

    Fab-u-lous! I’m just drooling and can’t wait to see the great reveal in all it’s spacious craft inspiring glory.
    Now, with all your many ideas swimming in orbit around you like a carrousel, will be even more inspired and dreaming up lots of great projects to share with us.

    • Beckie

      That is my goal for sure. It will definitely be a place to create and not just a craft storage room like my old studio.

  • melle@feathered ruffles


    you told me i would love it.

    the largest room in our house is our bedroom. wonder if hubbs would let me have it for my studio? i don’t think mine’s going to be big enough for all my ideas….

    • Beckie

      HA! I think hubby might object. Maybe if you butter him up real good, {giggle}

  • kelly thompson

    its like a spice rack but cooler!

    • Beckie

      Exactly, because that’d be a hecka lot of spices. Although for a cooking blogger I guess they could have that many.

  • jessica @fourgenerationsoneroof

    Oh my word this is “wicked” awesome! :) It’s perfect! I’ll pin tonight to the Better HOmes and Gardens board. Nicely done!

    • Beckie

      Ooooh I would love that, thanks Jessica.

  • Mallory @ Classy Clutter

    Beckie! This is awesome! I don’t have quite as many paints but I could replace a few of the shelves with dowels and hang all my stinkin’ vinyl rolls! haha! This would store my glitters perfectly too! And I have a wall in my craft room just WAITING for this!

    It reminds me a little of my canned food storage cabinet I built so I think I could totally build this! It’s basically the same sorta concept! I’d love if you check it out!

    XOXO, Mallory @ Classy Clutter

    • Beckie

      Yep it is totally a similar concept as yours. I absolutely love your canned food storage cabinet. That is fantastic!

  • Lyssa

    I think you might be able to open the door with a little more gusto if you simply sunk some dowels midway up the bottles to help hold the paint bottles in place. Looks great, I’m jealous!

    • Jennifer

      Ditto Lyssa’s thought. Or, I was thinking a wire or something could be attached with eye hole screws. So many possibilities. :-) This is a great idea.

    • Beckie

      Yes I thought of that prior but opted for what I did. So far, so good but if it starts to annoy me I could always add them.

  • Joanne

    You are sew brilliant and resourceful!! I’m a huge advocate (it’s all locked in my thinking cap !!) of utilizing all spaces in the name of Organization!! I think if I tried to replace my ironing board whom my uncle helped me custom make (it’s 22″ x 48″) I would be frowned upon heavily!! I love your creation!!! And all your bottles of stuff look so pretty and tidy!!

    • Beckie

      Yes your uncle might be disappointed. I love me some organization too, especially dual purpose ideas.

  • Deborah Bolton

    Becky, you never cease to amaze me. I wish I had about half your energy. That is just too cool for words — crazy cool!

  • Nancy @ Artsy Chicks Rule

    That shelf is amazing!! And all the goodies on it are amazing too! ;) How clever to hide the ironing board behind it!! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  • Ferly

    I was wondering how on earth you would cover that ironing board! Brilliant solution! This has got to be super duper exciting for you. You are my hero in so many ways!

    ~ Ferly
    Gifts We Use {to grow, love and serve}

    • Beckie

      Thanks Ferly I am pretty proud of ever inch of this room.

  • Lisa

    I LOVE THIS IDEA. I am definately going to do this.

  • LinhC

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Like something I would see on a Martha Stewart craft show.

    • Beckie

      Oooh I would like that. Although no more MS show.

  • Amanda @ Burlap and Denim

    Absolutely LOVE! Thanks for sharing. Perfect for people with OCD like me :)

    • Beckie

      and me!

  • Ginger

    I don’t know what I want more, the door/shelf or all the craft supplies. It is a toss up! Both are pretty spectacular!

    • Beckie

      HA! Yah I am sure I would be shocked if I knew the value in this room. I might need to up my home owner’s insurance ;-)

  • condo blues

    I want to build one to use as the closet door in my craft room. I have way too much stuff in that room and way too little space.

    • Beckie

      Yep I feel your pain. Wall space was definitely limited in this room and I had to think about a dual purpose storage option.

  • Mary

    Pretty cleaver if you ask me. :O)

    • Beckie

      Thanks Mary! I thought so too. I love dual purpose projects.

  • Donna

    Love your paint storage and hidden ironing board. I wish I had one in my craft room. Maybe someday. How long did it take to make the project? I am going to put this on my wish list.

    • Beckie

      I would say 4 hours maybe. It wasn’t bad and it was worth it. It really isn’t that hard of a woodworking project at all.

  • MeLeah

    Wow! Just amazing! You are so stinkin’ clever. :o) Good for you!!

  • David

    A Gentleman here! That is one amazing project. Genius!
    I’m not sure I’ll ever need to hide an ironing board (which would imply that I used one…….) but you’ve inspired about a million ideas. So once again I have to say thank you!

    • Beckie

      Wow the one gentlemen! I can’t tell you how much your comment means to me. Thank you!

  • Chelsea @ Making Home Base

    I vote… crazy COOL! I may or may not be completely obsessed with your WHOLE room. Such beauty!

    • Beckie

      Thank you Chelsea. I am obsessed myself!

  • Stella Cordova

    This is to die for! Really love this idea. And the hidden ironing board! Never would have thought of that.

    • Beckie

      Thanks Stella. I knew there was a way to add everything I wanted to this room. And that is why my hidden ironing board was born.

  • Mindy

    You are a craft store in itself!

  • Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke

    eye candy, for sure;) I love your happy face jumping out from behind the door;)

    • Beckie

      I am happy. I couldn’t wait to show ya’ll. It is by far my favorite part of the room!

  • Laura / The Shed blog by Pet Scribbles

    To answer your question: it is crazy cool! Not only did I adore the DIY wall-mounted ironing board solution (and the fact that we share the same penchant for using the dryer as an iron and only use one when crafting), but then, when I saw this door/shelf idea it made me start a new Pinterest board called Craft Room Solutions. So far there are two pins – the ironing board and this one. LOL I see a zillion craft room posts all the time, but yours are truly solutions!

    • Beckie

      Try pinning my large craft table too. Ha! Thanks for the pins Laura!

      • Laura / The Shed blog by Pet Scribbles

        Know what? I have your blog open in one of my zillion open tabs on my laptop screen, as I’m slowly going through your craft room post by post. So the answer is: no doubt I will! ;)

  • karen

    I love it!! How cool is this that it swings open and another uber cool thing behind it!! Now you need the ironing board to swing down and open and reveal a secret passage to the coolest craft room around. You can do it! I will be waiting for the really cool tutorial too!

    • Beckie

      Ha! I have an obsession with secret passage and doorways so this was right up my alley.

  • Jill

    This is an awesome post. Thanks for posting, and displaying so many wonderful Plaid products.

    • Beckie

      Thank Jill and thanks to Plaid for all their support over the years.

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  • Jennifer

    That’s AWESOME!!!

  • Molly OBrien

    Oh, that is cool!

  • M.

    This is fan-freaking-tastic! I am a HUGE fan of finding storage solutions in unconventional places and this one definitely fits the bill. Excellent work! ~M.

  • Kellie

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! What room did you use? Just curious

    • Beckie

      It is our upstairs loft.

  • Julie W.

    Awesome idea! Love, love, love!

  • Linda E

    Way to cool !!! I have been looking for just the right storage idea for my ink bottles, glue bottles, etc stuff an this would do it!!! thanks so much for sharing, it is gorgeous!!

  • Charlie

    You are amazingly clever, my dear. I’m dying!

  • Jeannie

    That is so totally awesomely cool!

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  • Lindia

    This is an awesome solution! I am so envious of everything in your uber cool craft room but this tops the cake! I pinned it already! Thanks for sharing…

    • Beckie

      It is my favorite too. I crush on things that have dual purposes and hidden passages ;-)

  • Monica


  • vel

    Super cool! your Craft room is just Heavenly! I just finished my very small one, check it out if you have the time. Happy weekend & happy Crafting!

    • Beckie

      Thank you so much. You did a great job organizing and maximizing your space, and I love how you used the Land of Nod covers as wall art. It adds great color and whimsy! Thanks for sharing!

  • Matt @theDIYvillage

    Beckie, I am crazy impressed with all of your craft room projects! Not to mention your craft paint collection! You are an OCD’ers dream! Fantastic job and can’t wait to see what’s up next for you!

    • Beckie

      HA! Thanks so much, Matt. I am seriously loving the space.

  • Erin @ DIY On the Cheap

    Shut up! That is genius!! I would have never thought to do this. Great job!

    • Beckie

      Hehe… Thanks! I so love it!

  • Joan Leslie

    This is amazing! I love it and I think I love you! Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas! I just discovered you from you BHG feature and I am inlove.

    • Beckie

      Welcome, Joan!!! I am so glad you are here and appreciate all the love! ;)

  • Kari G

    This is freakin CRAZY COOL! It so plays to the organizational nut as well as the creative nut! I have not been to your site before, but I will be coming back! Way to go!

    • Beckie

      Welcome, Kari! I’m so glad you are here and thrilled to have you as a new reader. :) I seriously am giddy over my new craft space and hidden paint storage. Thank you so much for your sweet comments!

  • doudou

    I love this! thanks

    • Beckie

      Awww, thanks again! I appreciate your sweet comments. I am just loving my new craft space.

  • Mindy


    • Beckie

      Thanks, Mindy!

  • Lmcburney

    I love your idea! Pinned it!

    • Beckie

      Thanks for the pin!

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  • Kristina

    I love this idea! Having 4 children i would make one simple change. i would turn the door around. making the front the back. then i could hang art on the front and hide the paints inside!

    • Beckie

      That would definitely work too and give you a place to display your kiddos’ art and protect your paints. Luckily my kids are old enough to leave them alone. ;)

  • Cindy

    I made something similar but just put the shelves on the wall behind where the door would be when open… It worked great for years but moved studio now not an option. Must try this idea next. Thanks for great idea.

    • Beckie

      So glad you like it! That’s clever to use the open door for hidden storage. :)

  • Laura

    I LOVE this and will be making it for my new craft room. I was wondering if there is enough room on the back side to add a few more shelves towards the bottom where the ironing board wouldn’t hit. Do you think there is enough space?

    • Beckie

      Yes, I am planning on adding pegboard behind it but haven’t yet. But, yes, there would be room to do something behind the door.

  • Samantha

    Crazy cool! I love it! I wish I had someplace I could put one of those…only I’d use it for sewing supplies…on both sides. We hide our ironing board in the basement in the boiler room where it is easy reach to watch TV while doing the most boring job in the world.

    • Beckie

      Haha! Thanks, Samantha. So glad you like it!

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  • Honey Rowland

    Ok…the only thing sexier than that would be my hubby making one for MY craft room. LOVE IT! And, I’m scraplifting it! :) ~Honey

    • Beckie

      Ha! Thanks, Honey! ;)

  • Sharon Vrenna

    This is the greatest! I love it!! I just asked my husband to make one for me!!!

    • Beckie

      I hope he said yes. ;)

  • Paula Gale

    Wow – this is insane!!! What an absolutely fabulous project – you’re seriously talented lady (but having seen you on the Craft Channel – I’ve already seen that before). What a shelf (I’d love half of the products on there too)!!!

    I haven’t even got a single room in my house that would house your table – let alone make a room into a woderful craftroom such as this… this is a dream that’s never gonna come true to me. In the UK – the average living room wouldn;t be as large as your craft room – so I have ‘dimension’ envy as well as craft room envy. Seriously – you have done the most fabulous job here, you’ve achieved a ‘fairytale’ room that only most of us would love to have – if dreams came true!!! I’d have to win the lottery to purchase a house of these proportions (as I have seen lots of bloggers homes in the US have). You have done both yourself and womankind proud! Pls could I come on a vacation to yours – I’d keep it tidy… in fact i’d probably just stand there jaw dropped admiring this room alone :)

    Paula, UK!!!

    • Beckie

      Ha! You are too sweet, Paula. And, yes, if you make it to Greenwood, Indiana, you are more than welcome to visit and craft away till your hearts content. Hugs!

  • Susan Huston

    This is fabulous! I would love one of these to hold my crafting embellishments.

    • Beckie

      This really is my fave part of my craft room. I hope you give it a try.

  • Bettina Groh

    I never use nails when attaching something to a wall… use 3 ” screws. Removal easy then as opposed to “you’ll never get them out” when using nails!! I like the locking wheel idea! The wheels also help support the load!

    • Beckie

      Very true about the wheels and thanks for the tip about the screws!

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  • Emily

    This. Brilliant. What a great way to hide something! (I love your curtains, too!)

    • Beckie

      Thanks, Emily. It’s my fave part of the room! The curtains are from IKEA, but I am not sure if they still carry them.

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  • Cheryl Furnish Cornett-Kottke

    I love this idea. How about putting it in place of a closet door? When you open it, there are shelves that have other craft items or materials on them, but they are hidden by this great door. I can’t wait to get started. Thank you for your great directions on building it.

    • Beckie

      I’d love to hear how it comes out, Cheryl!

  • julie

    AMAZING idea!!! But, I must know…where did you find those curtains???

    • Beckie

      They are from IKEA but are no longer on their website for sale. Not sure if they have them in store…

  • Jennifer Bouley Seth

    Crazy and oh so cool!!! I need to do this. I hardly used my ironing board either but once in a while it is needed. Thanks for all the DIY instructions!!

    • Beckie

      So glad you like it, Jennifer! I am head over heels for that hidden storage!

  • Laura Jane Roland

    This is great! What if you put some cute washi tape or something across the shelves, like an inch or two up to keep everything in place when you swing it open??

    • Beckie

      It would definitely be worth a try if they were falling off a lot, but, luckily, it’s not a problem. I just don’t swing it full force. :)

  • Louise Holder

    If you removed the sheetrock on the wall, you could create shelving inside the wall. That would double your storage space and not waste the interior with only an ironing board.