Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 9th anniversary. I can remember like it was yesterday being at Liberty University and trying to sneak a peek at him during chapel hoping he didn’t notice (he did, I was never sly enough). I remember our first date, our first fight, when I said I love you, when he kissed me for the first time, and walking down the aisle and seeing the way he looked at me. It sometimes seems like yesterday. But I can honestly say I love him more today than I did back then. I seriously can’t imagine being married to anyone else. He truly is perfect for me. He doesn’t put up with my crap… which I love. He also is so wise, an amazing father, a hard worker, a good provider, a great listener and fixer (when I need it), a phenomenal leader, and my best friend. I love that he lives live on purpose. It is sometimes too planned for my blood but I love that life doesn’t just happen to him. He lives every moment, whether hanging out with Isaac or preparing a message to speak. I love watching him be a dad. I love the way he makes Isaac laugh and my heart melt. Here’s to many more my love.

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  1. so sweet! Hey, since it’s your anniversary maybe you guys can have another NOONER!

  2. Eryn Kesler says:

    Happy Anniversary! We just had ours this week too…It’s so awesome to love your man more than you did when you married him (I love that feeling!).

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