Dollar Store Advent Calendar

Do you love the tradition of the advent calendar?   Here is a creative idea for an advent calendar using Dollar Tree pails and a large board.  What kid doesn’t love the anticipation of something special each day to countdown to Christmas?



9 bags of Tin Pails (found at Dollar Tree in the wedding section)

Silhouette machine or Vinyl Set from Say It On the Wall

Krylon Cherry Red spray paint


MDF or Wood Board

Gorgeous flower from The Pleated Poppy

Angled Screws

Drill and drill bit

1.   Cut or have a board cut to 18” x 24”.   I would use a 3/4” MDF or a pine board.   Measure and predrill all of your holes for the hooks.   That is the hardest part of the project.   Then prime and paint your board. (I drilled everything after I painted…not a good idea).


2.   Using a digital cutter like the kick awesome Silhouette machine cut out the numbers 1-25 onto red vinyl.  The vinyl set for this project is also available on Say It On the Wall  . Stick those in place on the tin pails.




3.   After your board is dry screw all 25 of the angled hooks into place and then put the pails on them.



4. In order to mark the day I used a couple of buttons and glued them together and also glued a magnet on the back.   Since they are galvanized the magnet sticks to the pail.



5. Then I cut out “Merry Christmas” in the Pharmacy font from in white vinyl and adhered it to the top.


6.   Realize it looks way too plain and that one of Lindsey’s posy pins would look incredible in the space to the right.

Look in your mailbox and see a gorgeous posy pin in the mail from The Pleated Poppy.   Smile…all is right in your world.   Hot glue the posy in place.   Stand back, love Pleated Poppy and realize that was the missing beauty to make this project UH-MAZING!





Go check out Lindsey’s lovelies at The Pleated Poppy.   Tell her IC sent you!


If you are interested in the vinyl lettering for this project it is now available on Say it on the Wall.