DIY Pallet Valentine Art

I am not a huge seasonal decorator.  Are you?  I don’t have a lots of tchotchkes and other décor to just change it up every season.  I am pretty simplistic in my approach to decorating.  I usually decorate maybe one entryway table seasonally and maybe add in a few new pillows since I love making them. I decided to create a large DIY “LOVE” art for Valentine’s day.  However, I used untraditional Valentine’s day colors so I can display it year round.  It looks like a mini pallet and without the ruffles costs $9 to make.



9 – 1”x 2” x 8’ furring strips (they are $.75 each at Lowes)

hammer and nails or air nailer


measuring tape

miter saw


old t-shirts

primer and paint

7 yards of Simplicity Canary Yellow Box Pleat Quilt Binding

hot glue gun

flat paintbrush

wood glue

pre-wood conditioner

1.  With your miter saw cut the furring strips to the size you want.  I cut 2 @ 26” and 2 @ 32”.

2. With wood glue on each edge and a square shoot nails into the sides of your board to create a frame.



3.  Cut 22 furring strips @ 28”.  Using your air nailer, nail the furring strips down onto the sides of your frame.  I used a nickel for spacing between boards.


4.  Don’t patch up any of the holes or sand the furring strips.  We are going rustic here.  Just give it a quick coat of pre-wood conditioner.  This step is important when staining pine because if not it is all splotchy and the stain doesn’t take evenly.  Wipe away the excess.  Once dry give it a coat of stain.


5.  I used my Silhouette machine to cut vinyl out hoping to spray paint the letters on with a vinyl stencil.  Unfortunately the vinyl didn’t stick to my newly stained boards.  So I ended up tracing the letters on and then priming and painting the letters silvers.  Kind of annoying but worth it in the end.  I just used the little craft paints for the silver letters.


6.  Once dry I sanded the letters down so that the wood would peek through a bit.

7.  I traced the heart and then just hot glued the ruffled trim in place.



I love the unexpected in décor.  Like pairing ruffles and wood together.  Swoon!

Here is the best part.  A sweet little handmade chalkboard heart vase that he built for me last year at the Lowes Build and Grow clinic.  Gotta love that kid.


And here is my simple montage to Valentine’s day.


Love this idea?  You can see the other one I made for Thanksgiving as well, which similarly, can be used year round.


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Love it, Beckie! I’m not a huge seasonal decorator either! I prefer to do some here and there decor! The yellow is perfect! :)

Sweet! I love it! (But did you really spend $20 on the box pleat ribbon??? LOL! or did
you find a thrifty way around that.)

I came across this blog today just by searching on google some projects to do with pallets. I love it and I love the color of the stain you used. I tried to read it but cant, what color of stain did you use for this project?

Oh I am sorry I forgot to mention that (I will update my post to reflect it). It is English Chestnut and I use it ALL.THE.TIME. It is my favorite. It is a great color without any red to it.

Love this Beckie! It goes perfectly with my color palette! I might just have to steal this idea. You never cease to amaze me!

I have a question. It says 9 furring boards. Did you cut 22 pieces from those 9 after the frame was made? I would love to make a variation of this for my mother. She’s so shabby chic :).

Beckie, I learned a money saving trick from a finisher carpenter. My hubby and I refinished all the woodwork in our 1940’s home. We decided to find the same style trim that was in the house to keep the charm of our home. While I was buying pre-wood conditioner a finish carpenter said that water works just as well. I tried both and he was right. Now I save money while using water. Just a hint I thought I would share. I love your Craft room. I am just starting mine but it will not even put a shadow in your room. Enjoy you have worked hard for a beautiful work space!