Game of Love – {The Best Gift Your Husband is Asking For}

The Game of Love is a customizable bedroom board game that makes an awesome gift & surprise for your husband! They’ve printed a blank game board onto a fitted sheet, and it’s ready for you to customize! Using the included, washable fabric markers, fill in each space with an activity, question, gift, or another idea {…Read More…}

My Epic Mom Fail and a Giveaway

So I never shared this with you.  Mostly because I felt like a giant idiot.  In fact, it was 8 months ago and I still feel like a giant idiot. So it was Christmas Eve.  My hubby was working and I was home with the kids.  I was still packing because we were leaving in {…Read More…}

Home Right Spray Tent Shelter

I just spent over 10 days spraying the new cabinets in my studio a creamy white color.  Yes, you heard me right, 10 days!!  I don’t think I have ever been more grateful for my Home Right Finish Max paint sprayer as I was those 10 days.  If I had to hand paint all 34 {…Read More…}

Krylon 127 Yard Sale

This past weekend I met up with a dozen other bloggers to see what Krylon was up to along the World’s Largest Yard Sale that extends from Michigan to Alabama along the 127 route.  Krylon’s purpose was to spray paint 127 items and then sell them at a Pinterest Yard Sale in order to raise {…Read More…}