How We Handle Chores {ages 6 and 9}


Chores are a funny thing.  Some families believe children shouldn’t be paid for any work they do around the house.  Since they are part of a family they are expected to do things around the house to pitch in.  Others have detailed chore charts and pay out on a weekly basis.  Wherever you fall in {…Read More…}

Zaycon Chicken – {Buy in Bulk for $1.70 a pound}


Hey ya’ll I have debated a zillion times on writing about Zaycon but always shied away from it since I am not a food blogger.  But with their offering of 10% off a $125 purchase I couldn’t help but want others to take advantage of this opportunity.  Zaycon’s mission is to bring farm fresh meats {…Read More…}

Why You Need a Paint Sprayer {and how to clean it!}


I love painting furniture.  For the most part, when I paint a piece of furniture I use a paint sprayer.  Unless I am going for a super chippy old look (in that case I usually opt for a chalk paint) I will usually use my Home Right Paint Sprayer.  I always recommend this particular paint {…Read More…}

My Kids Summer Job


About 6 weeks ago my kids were begging me to help them set up a lemonade stand in our driveway.  In a moment of weakness I said yes.  They rolled out my work bench to the end of the driveway, we made some homemade lemonade, fresh baked cookies and then they held up handmade signs {…Read More…}