How to Cover a Book

fabric covered books square

As I started styling my new mini bookshelf in the guest room I wanted to use books I had just collecting dust elsewhere to decorate it.  Books are awesome when styling shelves, tables, mantels, etc.  They are readily available, inexpensive, and great to add height to other decorative pieces.  But sometimes the bright blue or {…Read More…}

Laundry Basket Dresser

laundry basket square

So I have been a long time fan of Ana-White.  I can still remember when she had 200 followers!  Oh my how the world has caught on to the wonders of Ana’s wonderful knock-off plans!  I have to admit that I have looked at hundreds of her plans but had never tried to actually build {…Read More…}

Free Printable Blog Planner


I have been on the quest for the perfect planner for about two years.  I put together a system last year that failed miserably and cost me too much.  I have tried organizing myself digitally with an online system — terrible.  I finally realized what my problem was…I am a blogger.  Who makes a planner {…Read More…}

Organizing Paper

Are any of you buried underneath a pile of papers?  I, for one, am the queen of paper piles.  I usually have one on the counter and one on the end table next to the couch.  If I was really unorganized I would also have one on the kitchen table. There were bills, school papers, {…Read More…}