5 Ways to Get This Look: Casual Dining Room

BH&G Dining Room with text

Just because a dining area is part of the kitchen doesn’t mean it can’t be as pretty as a separate, formal dining room.  Casual doesn’t automatically mean frumpy or boring!  I found proof of that in this inspiration photo from Better Homes & Gardens.  I challenged myself to find 5 DIY projects to recreate this look.

BH&G Dining Room

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Secretary Desk with New Library Drawer Pulls


I inherited a secretary desk from my grandma when my family moved her into a nursing home.  My mom remembers it being in her house when they were growing up.  So obviously I remembered it being in grandma’s house when I used to visit.  I feel incredibly lucky to have it in my house now since it is a piece of my family’s history but made one small change to make it perfect.

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Christmas Metallic Vignette


I have yet to bust out all of my Christmas decorations, including my tree.  Traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday really makes it hard for the hubby to get the boxes out of the attic and get to decorating. I figured I could start out with the small boxes to create a couple of tabletop vignettes.


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Barn Wood Frames {Roadkill Rescue}


I found some old fence slats in my neighbors trash a few months ago.  Seeing the beautiful weather beaten patina made me rush over and ask my neighbor if I could have them.  My neighbors are used to my trash picking by now, I think.  So I took some of those slats and stashed them {…Read More…}