Backgammon Game


Our family loves playing games.   One of the games my husband and I played all the time in the early days of marriage was backgammon, or as well call it, “Acey Duecey.”   Backgammon is a fun half strategic/half luck game that you can play with two people.   I decided to repurpose some {…Read More…}

Game Room Hutch


I had twelve girls over tonight for a game night which reminded me that I forgot to show you the final result of my Roadkill Rescued Game Hutch. Before After In my hall closet I had stored all of my games.   I do have a lot of games and the hall closet is primo {…Read More…}

Roadkill Rescued Hutch


I got this hutch from a rental house where the tenants had been evicted and left a bunch of stuff behind.   This was heading to the trash can when I came along and snatched it up. It was missing a knob and the top part of the hutch had chunks of wood missing.   {…Read More…}

Game Board Storage Art

game board storage art (2)

If you have been around Infarrantly Creative for any length of time you know about my disdain for children’s game boxes here and here. Well…here’s a little storage and a little art in one!  The game board storage art takes your love of games to a whole new level.  It displays it on the wall {…Read More…}