The Bourbon Chase Results

Well we did it! We ran the Bourbon Chase…200 miles through rain, cold, little sleep, injuries, and LOTS OF HILLS! We started in Bardstown, KY and ended in Lexington, KY. Our total time was 31 hours and 30 minutes. I ran a total of 15.7 miles and Tim ran 19.5 miles. It was the most physically demanding thing I have ever done in my entire life (that includes giving birth to two children)!

I had originally put down that I would run a 10-minute mile but I was CLUELESS as to how hard running on hills would be. So I averaged an 11-minute mile pace. I did the best I could so I felt good with that, especially since I have never run more than a mile in my entire life that I can remember.

On my first leg I had two killer hills where I was at the bottom literally staring straight up in the air. Our van passed by me cheering me on and I watched it struggle up the hill and then disappear off what looked like a cliff from my perspective. So I struggled up the hill and the flew down so fast that I could not stop my legs even if I wanted to. My first leg was 5.6 miles with a difficult rating and I finished in 63 minutes. Here is my hubby finishing the last 100 meters of my first leg with me.My second leg was 5.8 miles with a rating of medium difficulty. It was at 4:30 a.m. It was pitch black so I wore a head lamp, a flashing LED light and a reflective vest. I felt really good and I never stopped once! It was like 100 times easier than my first leg. I felt encouraged and pumped after leg 2.

I was having pain on the top of my left foot during my recovery time. I still had one more leg left that was a 4.3 miler with an easy rating. I left around 2:30 p.m. and about a mile and a half into it I felt a pop in my right achilles. It was followed by immediate pain and every step was torture. At this point I am mentally breaking down. I felt like I had been running for like an hour and a half and I still hadn’t seen the “one mile to go” sign. I am playing every mental game in my head to try and make it to the finish line. I see two girls and through tears ask how much longer I had. They told me 100 meters. So with everything I ran towards the finish line and handed the baton off to the next runner and collapsed and burst into tears. Here I am coming down the home stretch.
It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I shared it with 11 of the most amazing people! I conquered something I never thought I could do and lived to tell.
My body is in complete revolt right now and my legs refuse to work properly. So I am taking it easy and put my running shoes aside for at least a week to get my body happy again. However, as much as I dislike running I think I am going to keep at it simply for the exercise and health of it. Will I do the Bourbon Chase next year? Ask me in about 6 months. If you need answer now I will pass, thank you very much.

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  1. What an accomplishment! Congratulations!

  2. Your cool friend Cheryl says:

    Way to go! 11 minute miles on such a difficult course is fantastic!

  3. Congratulations! Hills are tough even walking. Running them is horrid. You did fabulous!

  4. Very proud of everyone on your team and especially you. It is such a great feeling to accomplish a goal you have been working really hard for. next year you do a live web cast during the run. 🙂

  5. Great job!!!!!!

    Hope your recovery goes quickly… that "felt a pop" business and talk of foot pain sounds like you'll need the down time. Is the discomfort subsiding?

  6. Congrats!!! That is so great! I felt that same way after my first marathon (and i just walked it) but i hope to defiently do another one someday!! ( it probably took me six months to say so though!lol!) thanks for sharing!

  7. Well done!!

  8. Cha-Ching on a Shoestring says:

    AWESOME job, Beckie! You inspire me. =)

  9. What an amazing accomplishment! Way to go!

  10. Well…you totally inspire me…just THINKING about something that LONG totally freaks me out! So, is your Achilles okay? See ya Friday!! Hope you can limp about by then…wink wink!

  11. Way to go girl! That sure is something to talk about…I don't know how you did it!

    BTW…I did my first 1/2 marathon and my time was not the best…the thing had hills and I was like you barely made it up the hill- i finished with 2:41 Also like you…I am going to keep it as excercise…I dont think I want to do that again! I could only imagine your burbon chase! You did a great job, your time was great for all that running too!

  12. Happy Momma says:

    woohoo!!! Fantastic job!

  13. Lindsey@creativeattempts says:

    Wow!! You did GREAT!!

  14. Mabry's Gamma says:

    AWESOME! I was actually scrunching my face in agony feeling your pain. How you went on with your foot hurting is beyond me, you sure are a trouper. Congratulations for completing.

  15. The Ousdahls says:

    So Proud! Way to go!! I can't imagine doing that =)

  16. I am seriouly jaw-dropped astounded that you just decided to do this running thing and totally DID IT! I love how when you set your mind to do something you have a "Don't Quit" attitude – that is a GIFT! You are BLESSED with that – it is a trait that you pray will get passed on to your children. Congratulations – I bet your husband is just oober proud of his awesome wife. Hope your injury heals quickly and that you aren't in too much pain.

  17. Congratulations! That is Wonderful!

  18. You Rock!!! 🙂

  19. Mod Podge Amy says:

    GOOD for you! I'm so proud of you. Now get back to crafts, we've missed you. 😀

  20. Lucky Canuck says:

    Wow. Way to go girl!

    PS: I have given you an award. I hope you can drop by and accept it.

  21. Yay, go you!!!!

  22. niccole w. says: – check it out. I think you might like it.

  23. Whooo-hooo! Congratulations! Good for you pushing on even though you were in pain… I can do that to give birth (all three with no epidural thank you very much), but not when it comes to running. Why? B/c it's just not a necessity! I know natural childbirth isn't either anymore, but hey, that was MY goal and I accomplished that. : )

    But a super kudos to you girlfriend! Run like the wind!

  24. Tater Tot Mom says:

    That is amazing! Congratulations!

  25. Wow!!!!!Truly inspiring. I'm glad the whole babysitting glitch didn't mess you up too much. Brayden did end up with H1N1 so I'm glad your cherubs weren't exposed. I spent some time reading your story this eve. Todd is out of town so I stay up and do things like this:) You are a one in a million and I appreciate you!

  26. The Harris Family says:

    Wow! That is so impressive. I can't imagine doing anything close to that. Great job.

  27. Mrs Montoya says:

    That is uh-mazing! GOOD FOR YOU! Anyone who does anything at 4:30 AM with a reflective vest deserves a trophy!!!

  28. WOW! Congratulations on finishing so well! I'm impressed that you made even the hills averaging an 11 minute mile! Way to go!!!

  29. Mandi Shandi says:

    Way to go! I have always wanted to be a runner, but I just don't feel the joy that so many other runners do. It seems more like torture to me, but I am still trying it. I can only imagine the excitement doing a race like that would bring. Kudos to you for doing it!

  30. The Fiskeaux Family says:

    BECKIE!!! You were 15 minutes from my house! If I'd known you were ending up in Lexington, I would've made you dinner! LOL

  31. I am so impressed, I heard about this race a few months ago and I thought it was very cool sounding. It makes me want to run it, in a few years, congratulations on making it!

  32. Wes and Dani says:

    Congrats! I, for one, am very proud of you. 🙂 I can't run one mile without wishing I were dead.

  33. Living With Lindsay says:

    Congrats! I'm so impressed with you!

  34. Congrats! Sounds like you did not train enough, though. Our team loved it and we have signed up for two teams for next year (which will be under a full moon with no rain–I hope).

  35. way to go beckie!

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