Bitty Hair Flowers

We were getting ready for church this morning and I put Kayla in a cute red, white and blue sundress. I wanted to put a flower on her headband to match but I did not have any. So I went to my flower stash to go make one. I was kind of bummed to use the blooms for this since she does not have any other red, white and blue outfits. Then a thought came to me…well I will just take it apart when I get home. But then there is the hot glue to peel off hmmmmmmmmm…..

I have seen others use cute brads to hold them in place…I WONDER IF I CAN ATTACH THE BRAD TO THE ALLIGATOR CLIP!?!?!

So I attached all the blooms together on the brad and then slid the brad through the alligator clip and bent in place…

Now she looks stinkin’ adorable with a bitty bloom on her head. The best part is when I came home I took it apart and threw the blooms back in my stash. I can now coordinate her flowers with every outfit and just unbend the brad when she’s done wearing them. So I took all the flowers I had hot glued in place prior to this novel idea and ripped them all apart so I can reuse them over and over with different color combos. That idea just made my day.

  • MiMi

    What’s cuter….bow, baby…bow, baby…OK, baby for sure! But those flowers are stinkin’ cute!
    PS Workin’ on my bread right now! :)

  • Carmel

    Truly Beckie, you are amazing. Not to mention… did you really just do this this morning while you were getting ready for church? Ugh….

    : )

    I LOVE that picture, she is just precious. And the flowered headband is truly adorable.

  • Beck

    Becky…errr….I mean, Beckie, YOU ROCK! I am always trying to come up with creative ways to put flowers in my daughters hair and how original are you…..I will definitely be stealing this idea!!! B:)

  • The Harris Family

    Cute baby. Also I love this idea and will be using it with my girls.

  • Mabry’s gamma

    Another winner of an idea… you just can’t stop. LOL

    She is so adorable!


  • Tamara

    Love it! I think I would invest in more clips and more flowers because that sweet flower deserves to be worn again – I’m thinking I would have to buy the girl some more red and white that she can pair with blue jeans and skirts just so she could wear that flower over and over – pin it on a sweater or a jacket, a hat – it is super cute – I seriously think you might have to open a hair barrette, flower doo-dad etsy shop! Inspiring, again…

  • Amy

    Question: Couldn’t you just eliminate the aligator clip and just poke the brad through the elastic headband or would that put a hole in the headband?

  • Amy

    On second thought, that would probably be uncomfortable on baby’s head!

  • News Around The Blogs

    thanks so much for inspiring me to be creative! Love your ideas!!!

  • Puva

    ZOMG she’s so cute!!!

  • Cynnamama’s Cafe

    How adorable she looks with her new creative last minute flowered headband!!
    I’ll have to do the same with my soon to be born granddaughter!

  • Allison

    Love this…will steal it for my bald-headed Ave!

  • Alisha Whitfield

    Hi I love your blog. I have just awarded you with the One Lovely Blog Award! Have a look at for more details. You are seriously amazing and the things are your blog are FANTASTIC!

  • Mom Taxi Julie

    Well that baby is just adorable!

  • Trish

    You never cease to amaze!

    And she is so adorable!!

  • annaliese

    yay! and idea to steal:) love it–and I agree with everyone else–she is so adorable!!!

  • Amy Jo

    Kayla is getting so big and really filling out. What a beauty! I can’t believe that you want to make up a hairbow to match each outfit. I don’t think I have the extra 2 minutes a day for that, but I do love the brad attatched to the clip. No more hot glue blisters!

  • Lula!

    You are amazing. And Kayla is gorgeous.

  • annie

    No, Becky, now YOU are my new best friend!!! You didn’t mention you are a crafter!!!! I LOVE THIS! You have some awesome ideas… and I definitely need some help in that area! Especially the cabinets… we are wanting to refinish ours… and I was thinking an antiqued cream… whenever I get a moment to work on those… I’m SO calling you! Let’s get together, yeah yeah yeah :)

  • annie

    and oops! I mean… Beckie :) Sorry, I hate when people spell my name wrong, or worse, call me Ann! Soooo not my name :)

  • Amy Jo

    I’m sitting at work making hair bows and attatching them to the clip with the brad. Love it! I still want to have most of my clips premade, but I do like how fast your method is, and that I can re-assemble if I need to at some point. :)

  • Anonymous

    When I was little my parents used elmers glue to glue flowers to my head- little crochet type ones my mother had stashed away. The glue's amazingly washable, so everything was a-ok!

  • Wani

    Genius!! So cute!

  • Kathleen

    Just thinking you could also embellish THE BRAD ITSELF ! you know, glue a smarkly little rhinestone or something ontop of the brad. You could make it a clear rhinestone, they have a pack of 50 rhinestones all different colors in the dollar section of micheals. Thanks for the idea though, I will deff. do it!