5 Ways to Build a Backyard Chicken Coop


Raise your hand if you know someone who has chickens.  I bet a lot of you are raising your hands.  The lack of a farmyard or acres of property aren’t keeping people from trying their hands at raising livestock–at least the smaller varieties, like chickens.  Urban farming and backyard chickens are growing in popularity.  I {…Read More…}

Lighted Fabric Rag Garland

fabric garland lighted DIY

This lighted rag garland is fun on a mantel, in a playroom, or draped over a loft bed like I did for my daughter’s room.  It is painfully easy to make – no special crafting superpowers needed. PHEW! My friend Heather had a craft day at her house some weeks ago and we all made {…Read More…}

Pet Name Custom Art


I am a sucker for sweet sentiments, custom art, and meaningful decorations on my walls.  Which is probably evidenced by my family room gallery wall, Kayla’s gallery wall and my mudroom gallery wall.  Each of these spaces make me smile because it bring backs memories, sweet words spoken or moments of life captured. While I {…Read More…}

Great Bibles for Young Kids

DSC_0145easter pics

About 6 weeks ago I shared with you a really awesome way to put faith into action this Easter and purchase t-shirts that would benefit people who don’t have the means to do for themselves.  This year $4,208.25 went to Dr. Lee of Kindred Image in South Korea who helps orphans. Kindred Image is a {…Read More…}