Altar’d E-Book

Do you want to paint furniture like a professional? Mandie from Altar’d Furniture wrote an e-book that will tell you all the tricks and tools that she uses in her business.  Mandie operates a very successful painted furniture business in Texas.

I read through the entire book word for word and I highly recommend it.  She uses the exact same products that I use and so it is easy to endorse.  But her techniques for creating the glazed, chippy look is what is worth its weight in gold.

You can paint furniture like her using her tried and true techniques. Look at her impressive portfolio…

216_289_csupload_19783681 476_357_csupload_22420838 297_397_csupload_22420975 666_500_csupload_14845780 375_500_csupload_14845528 Unbelievable huh?

For $10 you can get her secrets and step-by-step real, correct processes to paint furniture.

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  • Screaming Meme

    Mandie is not only talented, she is one of the sweetest bloggers I have met. I recommend it as well…It is worth more than $10 to me! Thanks for following me on Twitter…:) Hugs, Meme