My Top 10 Favorite Things {August 2016}

My friend reminded me how she used to love my favorite things posts.  Years ago I used to make these lists up all the time of things I love and it has been so long since I have done that.  I am one of those people who love knowing what works for others when it {…Read More…}

Cotton Bloom Twig Wreath

Man this summer flew by so quick.  My kiddos are back in school and the rain has begun which means fall isn’t too far away.  I am looking forward to my caramel apple candles, apple picking and cobblers that I make in the month of September.  Another thing that changes in my home is wanting {…Read More…}

Primary Schoolhouse Utility Decor {PB Kids Knock-Off}

For years Pottery Barn Kids carried these adorable Schoolhouse Utility Boards perfect for a mudroom or a playroom to engage kids in art.  While they no longer sell them you can still make them and add some personality and fun to your playroom, homeschool classroom, bedroom or any other place in your home to add {…Read More…}

5 Ways to Create a Fairy Garden

Fairy Gardens! So magical, whimsical, and currently the latest craze with little girls. It helps to spark their imagination and let’s face it, is fun for moms and grandmas too! Here are five different ways to create a fun fairy garden. Choosing The Perfect Flowers Fairies love flowers and so do little girls and choosing {…Read More…}