Finger Knitted Necklace


Did you ever finger knit when you were young?  I needed no excuse to play with yarn and string when I was a child.  I made macramé bracelets, god’s eyes, dream catchers and finger knitted for days on end.  These tee-shirt yarn finger knitted necklaces pay homage to my childhood.  Made with soft cotton, they {…Read More…}

Creating a Memory To Jump Over


I once had a very wise friend with grown up children.  Upon looking at their child-rearing days I was so impressed by all the fun things and great adventures they had as a family.  When I asked them about how they cultivated so many memories they said their goal was “to create so many memories {…Read More…}

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

st. patricks day crafts

Today I thought I would highlight a few St. Patrick’s Day crafts from the past.  I am not one to even remember to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, which is a total knock to my irish dad who wears green, goes to an Irish Pub and sends me a Happy St. Patrick’s Day card {…Read More…}

5 Ways to Turn a Wall into a Gallery


I admit it: there’s a chance that I may have an obsession with gallery walls. I had several in my last house, and I’m working towards having even more in my current home! Gallery walls have tons of advantages when it comes to home decor. Today I’m sharing five of the ways I’ve turned walls in my home into galleries.

{…Read More…}