Zaycon Chicken – {Buy in Bulk for $1.70 a pound}


Hey ya’ll I have debated a zillion times on writing about Zaycon but always shied away from it since I am not a food blogger.  But with their offering of 10% off a $125 purchase I couldn’t help but want others to take advantage of this opportunity.  Zaycon’s mission is to bring farm fresh meats {…Read More…}

Free Printable Road Trip Postcards

free printable road trip postcard

As fun as instant communication is via email, Facetime, texting, social media, etc., there is something so special about receiving mail in your mailbox. There is an element of surprise when you go to your mailbox and see a handwritten note from a friend or relative. With all the traveling we do in the summer {…Read More…}

5 Ways to Engage your Kids on Summer Vacation

5 ways to engage your kids on summer vacation

Most kids look forward to summertime for most of the year. However, it usually isn’t far into the season before you start hearing those three dreaded words. You know the ones… “Mom, I’m bored.” Most kids need a little prompting to help them enjoy their summer experience. Here are five ways to get your kids focused {…Read More…}

Fresh Air, Sun Flare, Beach Chair, I’m There! Pillow


I saw this amazing watercolor pillow at a West Elm and decided to try and replicate the look.  I don’t know about you but the sun and beach constantly scream my name. “Fresh Air, Sun Flare, Beach Chair, I’m There.”  I mean seriously?  That is dreamy.  Since we have been under a cloud for the {…Read More…}