Ways My Kids Can Earn EXTRA Money {outside of weekly chores}


Yesterday I shared how my kids earn money each week doing daily chores.  Oftentimes my kids want to do or buy something special that they don’t quite have enough money for.  While much of the time we tell our kids they will have to wait and save for it (we want to teach them delayed {…Read More…}

How We Handle Chores {ages 6 and 9}


Chores are a funny thing.  Some families believe children shouldn’t be paid for any work they do around the house.  Since they are part of a family they are expected to do things around the house to pitch in.  Others have detailed chore charts and pay out on a weekly basis.  Wherever you fall in {…Read More…}

Out of the Box Summer Camps

apple camp

When school is out for the summer there are many ways to fill your kid’s days.  The internet has endless ideas of projects to do, experiments to try and meals to make for your kids during summer months.  I am betting a bunch of you also send your kids to camp.  It can be a church {…Read More…}

Zaycon Chicken – {Buy in Bulk for $1.70 a pound}


Hey ya’ll I have debated a zillion times on writing about Zaycon but always shied away from it since I am not a food blogger.  But with their offering of 10% off a $125 purchase I couldn’t help but want others to take advantage of this opportunity.  Zaycon’s mission is to bring farm fresh meats {…Read More…}